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Block List

1. What's it?

Block List Tool is useful when you would like to block / Hide certain domains during debugging session.
For instance, you can use Block List in the following situations:
  • Block all ads requests from particular domains
  • Block all analytic requests that flood the working space
  • Block all annoying ping requests from your app to reduce the number of requests that appear on Proxyman
  • Hide analytic traffic from your website without blocking them.
All blocked domains in the Block List will drop the connection.
Block / Hide List

2. Block Actions

Block List supports variables block actions that can suit your needs:
Block Action
Block & Hide Request
Matched requests are blocked and don't display on the app.
Block & Display
Matched requests are blocked, but display the blocked requests on the app.
Hide, but not Block
Just hiding the matched requests without blocking them. It's useful if you'd hide your annoying requests but don't block them.
Create a Block / Hide Rule

3. How to use it?

  • Tools Menu -> Block List
  • Right-click on the requests or domains -> Tools -> Block List...
⌥⌘[ to quick open Block List Window