Atlantis for iOS

1. What's it?

A lightweight and powerful iOS framework for intercepting HTTP/HTTPS and WS/WSS traffic from your iOS app. No more messing around with proxy, certificate config.

2. Benefit?

  • Automatically intercept all HTTP/HTTPS Traffic with ease.

  • Automatically intercept WebSocket from iOS devices.

  • Support iOS Physical Devices and Simulators

  • No need to config HTTP Proxy, Install or Trust any Certificate

  • Review traffic logs from Proxyman for the macOS app.

  • Categorize the log by app and devices.

Atlantis is only for Network Inspectors. If you would use Debugging Tools like Map Local, Breakpoint, Map Remote, Scripting, Network Throttling, and Reverse Proxy ... please consider using a normal Proxy.

3. How to install

Please checkout the latest update on Github page:

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