Breakpoint Templates

1. What's it?

From Proxyman 3.1.0+, you can create a Breakpoint Template for Requests and Response that allows developers to reuse it.

  • Create new Template for Request: HTTP Method, URL, Headers

  • Template for Response: Status Code, Headers

  • Boots productivity when using the Breakpoint tool.

2. How to create a new template?

Create a new one

  1. Tools Menu -> Breakpoint -> Breakpoint Template

  2. CMD+N or SHIFT+CMD+N to create a template for Request/Response

  3. Defind your Request/Response template

Use the existing one

  1. Create a Breakpoint Rule -> Make sure your request/response -> Make sure it hits the Breakpoint

  2. Click Raw Tab -> Template button -> Request/Response -> Create new request/response

  3. Done

3. How to use it?

  1. When a request/response hit a Breakpoint -> Click Raw Tab

  2. Template -> Request/Response -> Select your template

  3. It will replace the current data with the template one.

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