External Proxy

Proxy HTTP/HTTPS message to external Proxy server

1. What's it?

Some companies have a central Proxy server, and all outgoing requests must go through to the Proxy Server in order to access the Internet.

In this case, you might have to config Proxyman to proxy all connections to the External Proxy.

2. Benefits

  • Navigate all traffic to your cooperated Proxy Server.

  • Able to define Hosts, or Domains which bypass the External Proxy.

  • Support HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS Proxy.

  • Support PAC Proxy (Automatic Proxy Configuration) (Proxyman 3.2.0+)

3. How to use

  • Tool menu -> Proxy Setting -> External Proxy Setting...

  • You can config HTTP, HTTPS, or SOCKS Proxy, which point to your external Proxy server.

  • If you have a PAC URL, you can use it in Automatic Proxy Configuration.

  • Proxyman also supports Basic Authentication.

External SOCKS Proxy with authentication is not supported.

4. Bypass Proxy

  • You can define hosts/domains that will be bypass the external proxy. Each host must be separated by a Comma. Wildcard (* or ?) is supported.

  • By default, Proxyam automatically bypasses all localhost traffic from the external proxy. To enable it, please check the "Always bypass external proxies for localhost" checkbox.

Localhost traffic is traffic from your localhost,, or with all ports.

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