Network Conditions

Network Condition or Network Throttling

1. What's it?

Network Conditions (Network Throttling) v1 allows developers to simulate adverse networking environments. Proxyman provides various preset profiles:



100% Lost connection

100 % lost all connection

Very Bad Network

Download/Upload: < 1mbps

Slow Network

Download/Upload: 5-10 mbps

Medium Network

Download/Upload: 10-20 mbps


Download: <240kbps, Upload <200kbps


Download: <780kbps, Upload <300kbps

4G (LTE)

Download: 30-50mbps, Upload 5-10mbps


Download: 25-40mbps, Upload 15-30mbps

Wi-Fi 802.11ac

Download: 150-250mbps, Upload 70-100mbps

2. Benefit?

  • Various preset profiles: 3G, 4G, Wifi, Bad/Medium Network, etc.

  • Help developers to simulate various network conditions (Download/Upload Bandwidth, Packets Dropped rate, delay).

  • Easier to test your app under a particular network condition.

  • Apply for system-Wide or certain domains.

Network Conditions v1 does not allow you to customize a profile. We will implement it in v2.

To better simulate the real-life, the download/upload bandwidth is not fixed, it might randomize in a given range.

3. How to use it?

You can access the feature by navigating to Tool -> Network Condition (CMD+SHIFT+J) or access from the right-menu context.

4. Alternative

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