1. What's it?

Proxyman could capture WebSocket (WS) and Secure WebSocket (WSS) traffic and easily preview it.
  • Capture WS/WSS from iOS Physical devices and iOS Simulator (Required Atlantis framework)
  • Capture WS/WSS from Web Browser and Mac applications.
  • Capture WS/WSS from Android Physical devices or Android Emulators.
  • Prettier WebSocket Message.
  • Filter All / Sent / Received messages.
  • See the content in JSON / Tree Preview / HEX format.
  • Customize Columns: Frame, Length, Data, Time, ...
  • Auto decode Binary Message to JSON if possible
  • Open WebSocket messages by external Editors, such as Sublime, VSCode

2. Capture WS/WSS from iOS

If your iOS app is using URLSessionWebSocketTask or iOS WebSocket libraries, e.g. Starscream, SocketRocket, etc. Proxyman might not be able to capture WS/WSS traffic.
Reason: It's an intention of Apple. URLSessionWebSocketTask doesn't respect the System HTTP Proxy. All WS/WSS traffic goes directly to the Internet. Thus, Proxyman or Charles Proxy can't capture it.

✅ Solution

Use Atlantis Framework (developed by Proxyman) to capture WS/WSS URLSessionWebSocketTask traffic from iOS.


Capture Websocket

3. Map Websocket from Localhost <-> Production

It's possible to map the WebSocket Traffic from localhost <-> Production. Please check out the Map Remote Tool.