1. What's it?

Proxyman could capture WebSocket (WS) and Secure WebSocket (WSS) traffic and easily preview it.
    Capture WS/WSS from iOS Physical devices and iOS Simulator.
    Capture WS/WSS from Web Browser and Mac application.
    Capture WS/WSS from Android Physical device or Android Emulator.
    Prettier WebSocket Message.
    Filter All / Sent / Received messages.
    See the content in JSON / Tree Preview / HEX format.
    Customize Columns: Frame, Length, Data, Time, ...
    Auto decode Binary Message to JSON if possible
    Open Websocket message by external Editors, such as Sublime, VSCode

2. Known issues on iOS Physical device

Proxyman might not be able to capture WS/WSS traffic from iOS apps on iOS Physical Devices (iPhone or iPad) because its traffic does not go through HTTP Proxy.
To capture WS/WSS traffic from iOS devices, please consider using the Atlantis framework.
Last modified 2mo ago