Proxyman for iOS

1. Proxyman for iOS


  • ✅ Capture all network traffic (HTTP/HTTPS) from your iOS Devices (No Macbook required)

  • View HTTP/HTTPS Requests and Responses in plain-text

  • FaceID and Passcode to protect your sensitive data

  • Share logs to Proxyman for macOS

  • and more...



2. Proxyman VPN

How does it work?

Proxyman for iOS creates a local VPN on your devices, then proxying all traffic from your iOS devices to a local Man-In-The-Middle Server.

What data does Proxyman use?

  1. HTTP/HTTPS Request and Response data

Proxyman captures and decrypts HTTP/HTTPS data (Include Headers, Body, URL, Host, etc )to display them in plain text

2. Device Name

To generate a self-signed Root Certificate. Proxyman does no use pre-generated or shared certificates.

Proxyman records the request/response data and stores it on the local SQLite database in your iOS Devices.

Proxyman does not send your data to any remote servers or third-parties.

Your data always remains private to you.