Proxyman for iOS

1. Proxyman for iOS


  • ✅ Capture all network traffic (HTTP/HTTPS) from your iOS Devices (No Macbook required).

  • Proxyman for iOS is a standalone app and works independently with Proxyman for macOS.

  • View HTTP/HTTPS Requests and Responses in plain text.

  • FaceID and Passcode to protect your sensitive data.

  • Share logs to Proxyman for macOS.

  • Split View (Two Side Panel) for iPad.

  • Debugging Tool: Map Local, Breakpoint, Block List, SSL Proxying List, No Caching.

  • and more...



2. Proxyman VPN

How does it work?

Proxyman for iOS creates a local VPN on your devices, then proxying all traffic from your iOS devices to a local Man-In-The-Middle Server.

What data does Proxyman use?

  1. HTTP/HTTPS Request and Response data

Proxyman captures and decrypts HTTP/HTTPS data (Including Headers, Body, URL, Host, etc )to display them in plain text

2. Device Name

To generate a self-signed Root Certificate. Proxyman does not use pre-generated or shared certificates.

Proxyman records the request/response data and stores it on the local SQLite database in your iOS Devices.

Proxyman does not send your data to any remote servers or third parties.

Your data always remains private to you.

3. Activate Premium Proxyman for iOS

If you have a valid macOS License, you can unlock Premium Proxyman for iOS. 1 seat can redeem for 2 iOS Devices.

To activate, please Download Proxyman for iOS (AppStore) -> Open More Tab (on the Right-Bottom TabBar) -> FaceID & Passcode -> Unlock -> Enter your license key.

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