Java VMs

In order to intercept HTTPS traffic from Java apps, it requires extra steps to install Proxyman CA Certificate into Java Key Store.

  • Intercept Traffic from Unit Test (written by Java or Kotlin)

  • Intercept Traffic from Java app or CLI

1. Install Proxyman CA on macOS machine

Before installing Proxyman CA on Java VMs, we have to install properly on your current mac machine.

Check out macOS Guideline:

If you've done this step, you can skip and start the next step.

2. Install Proxyman CA to all Java Key Stores

  • Certificate Menu -> Install Certificate on Java VMs

  • The script will attempt to find the Key Store location from JAVA_HOME environment and install the CA Certificate if possible

You can find the script at /Applications/

The script might require permission for EventKit because Proxyman triggers the script by Apple Script in order to install under admin permission.