Proxyman does not work with VPN apps

In general, VPN apps might conflict with all Web Debugging Proxy apps, includes Proxyman, Charles Proxy, Fiddler, and Wireshark.

This troubleshooting would describe what VPN services that work and do not work with Proxyman and how to fix it.


Proxyman could not capture any HTTP/HTTPS Traffic when you're using VPN apps.

How to fix in general

Basically, the VPN app would force all traffic that goes through the VPN Server instead of the Proxyman Local Server ( Therefore, Proxyman could not capture the traffic.

In order to fix it

  • Open your VPN's Preference and try to find a text field that you can override the HTTP/HTTPS Proxy.

  • If it's available, let override to the address: at Port 9090

  • If it's not available, please google "<Your VPN Name> config HTTP Proxy" and see how to do it.

Then, Proxyman can capture and works with your VPN app.

List of VPNs that work with Proxyman/CharlesProxy/Fiddler

1. Tunnelblick

Works fine without any configuration.

2. FortiClient

Work fine if set HTTP Proxy to Proxyman. Please follow this guideline

3. AnyConnect

4. Pulse Secure and Global Protect VPN

Solution 1:

First, you need to install OpenConnect.

brew install openconnect

You need to obtain the installation path for openconnect

whereis -b openconnect

After that, don't forget to edit /etc/sudoers

sudo visudo -f /etc/sudoers 

Add this line and replace <openconnect-binary-path> with your binary path.

%admin ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: <openconnect-binary-path>

Now, you can connect to your secured proxy using Juniper SSL / Pulse Connect Secure protocol.

sudo openconnect --protocol nc -u <username> <proxy-url>

Once connected, launch Proxyman and it will work like a charm.

Credit: @florentmorin, from

Please consult with your Security Team before using the sudo command.

Solution 2:

It might work if we follow the following process:

  1. Connect to the VPN and Verify it works

  2. Open Proxyman app

  3. Reset the VPN Connection

Credit: @AddictiveColors

5. Viscosity

  1. Follow the documentation to override the http-https proxy on Viscosity VPN app.

Sample Configure:

#viscosity proxy-http localhost 9090
#viscosity proxy-https localhost 9090

List of VPNs that do not work with Proxyman/CharlesProxy/Fiddler

1. Sophos

Sophos doesn't work with all Web Debugging Proxy apps. It's a known issue from Sophos and there is no solution to fix it.

Please try to ask your Security Team to try to set the HTTP/HTTPS Proxy from Sophos.

Update: Sophos 10.0.4 (A/V Endpoint Protection) might work with Proxyman with a new network proxy extension, but it has a known issue that causes massive CPU Spikes. It's going to fix in the upcoming EAP.

Credit: @AddictiveColors

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