I could not see any requests from my localhost server

1. Problem: I develop a local NodeJS, Ruby, or Python Backend at http://localhost:3000, but when I visit http://localhost:3000 from Google Chrome, Safari -> There is no traffic on the Proxyman app.

Why does this happen? By default, on macOS, all localhost requests don't go through the System HTTP Proxy. Therefore, there is no traffic recorded by Proxyman app.

2. Solution

There are two solutions to fix it: You should follow either one of the following solutions.

  1. Open etc/hosts file with Vim or VS Code.

$ sudo vim /etc/hosts

2. Add Domain Name with both IPv4 and IPv6 (You can change the proxyman.debug with your name) proxyman.debug
::1 proxyman.debug

3. Save the file with sudo permission

4. Access your localhost server by http://proxyman.debug:3000 (replace 3000 with your localhost ports)

6. Enjoy debugging!

If you use a local as a suffix, e.g. proxyman.local, make sure to remove the `*.local` from the Bypass Proxy List (Instruction).

Solution 2: Use localhost.proxyman.io instead of localhost

Proxyman uses Cloudflare and sets the DNS of localhost.proxyman.io to (localhost). As a result, Proxyman can capture the local traffic as usual ✅

For example:









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