I couldn't see any requests from 3rd-party network libraries

1. Problem

2. Why?

  • Some networking library doesn't respect the HTTP/HTTPS Proxy config in Network.prefpanel. All traffic will directly go through to the destination server

3. Solution

In general, we have to manually config the network library to use HTTP Proxy and point to Proxyman Port (Default at 9090)
List of possible solutions:


You can explicitly set HTTP Proxy on Axios. All traffic will appear on Proxyman.
url: '/v1/user/data',
// 'proxy' defines the hostname and port of the proxy server
// Use `false` to disable proxies, ignoring environment variables.
// `auth` indicates that HTTP Basic auth should be used to connect to the proxy, and
// supplies credentials.
// This will set an `Proxy-Authorization` header, overwriting any existing
// `Proxy-Authorization` custom headers you have set using `headers`.
proxy: {
host: '',
port: 9090
For the host and port value, you can find it in iOS Device Windows