Regex (Regular Expression)
Regular Expression

1. What's it?

From the 2.3.0 version, Proxyman supports Wildcard and full-matching Regex (Regular Expression) when you define matching rules for all available tools:
  • Map Local
  • Map Remote
  • Block & Allow List
  • Breakpoints
  • Protocol Buffers (Protobuf)
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Network Throttling
It's a handy tool to help you exactly define which requests should trigger the tool


Proxyman supports simple Wildcard characters, which include * and ?
The asterisk in a wildcard matches any character zero or more times.
A question mark matches a single character once.
For instance:


Proxyman also supports Regex.
  • Make sure your regex is Full Matching the URL.
  • Partial Matching is considered as not matching.
  • Make sure you escape characters properly: Splash (/), full-stop (.), etc.
For instance:
  • https:\/\/proxyman\.io
  • ^(http|https):\/\/www\.google\.com
  • ^(http|https)?:\/\/www\.google\.com\/v[0-9]?\/build\?query=proxyman
Please check the Regex Metacharacters, Operator and Flag from Apple Developer Documents to know which one is supported.
Check and make sure your Regex is full-matching with the given URL
  • Select Regex when creating rules
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