Custom Previewer Tab

1. What's it?

You can customize the Custom Previewer Tabs, which always render one format at once time.

This handy tool might help you to fix the following issues:

  • Format the BODY as JSON, but the Content-Type isn't application/json

  • Format the body as Protobuf, but the Content-Type isn't application/x-protobuf

  • Render HTML Page on the Web View

  • Beautify the minified files (HTML, CSS, JS)

  • Multipart/form-data

  • Try to format the body as the selected type regardless of the Content-Type

  • Convert MessagePack (msgpack) to JSON

  • Code Generator to Swift, Node, Javascript, cURL, ...

  • GraphQL Query Prettier

The selected custom tabs will append to the right side of the Request or Response view

2. How to use it?

You can either access the Custom Previewer Window:

  • Click on the "+" button on the Request/Response bar

  • Tools Menu -> Custom Previewer Tab...

3. Examples

Force render JSON TreeView

Proxyman supports JSON Tree View for better visualization

We can show/hide a certain column by Right-Click on the Column Header

Force render HTML Page

Beautify the Javascript files

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