Install Certificate

Install Certificates on Windows

In order to intercept encrypted HTTPS messages (Request or Response), you have to install Proxyman CA Certificate on your current Windows Machine.

You can install the Proxyman CA Certificate by navigating to

  • Certificate menu -> Install Certificate on this Windows...

The Proxyman Certificate is a self-signed certificate, which is generated on your machine. Proxyman never stores or transmits any personal data to Proxyman's server or 3rd-party.

Please check out the Privacy Statement to understand what Proxyman obtains or not.

If you'd like to manually generate a Certificate on your machine then adding to Proxyman. Please check out the Custom Certificate Doc

1. Automatic mode

Proxyman provides an automatic script to Install & Trust the Proxyman CA Certificate to the System.

  • Certificate Menu -> Install Certificate for this Windows -> Click on the "Install & Trust" button

  • Click YES on the System Prompt

Why do I need to grant permission?

Behind the scene, Proxyman would execute the following command with Admin Mode:

$ certutil -addstore "Root" <Certificate_Path>

certutil is a built-in Windows command line to manage the certificate.

2. Manual Mode

If you don't have permission to execute the script, please do the following step:

  1. Close Proxyman

  2. Find a Proxyman CA Certificate at "C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Roaming\Proxyman\certificate\certs\ca.cer"

  3. Double-click to open it

  4. Install Certificate -> Select "Current User" -> Select "Place all certificates in the following store" -> "Browse..."

5. Select Next -> Finish

6. Select "YES" on the System Prompt.

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