Highlight by Color and Add Comment

1. What's it?

You can

  • Highlight a single or group of Request with pre-defined colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Gray)

  • Add Strikethrough

  • Add Comment

  • Filter by Color or Comment (CMD+F)

  • Export with Color and Comment (Only Support Proxyma Log format)

2. Benefit?

  • Easily mark your failed, succeed request/response with eye-catching colors

  • Add Comments during development.

  • Share it with your colleague (Color and Comment)

  • Easily filter out the request/response by Color or Commend

3. Shortcuts?

Proxyman supports many shortcuts to help you highlight or add comments quickly.




Highlight with Red Color


Highlight with Yellow Color


Highlight with Green Color


Highlight with Blue Color


Highlight with Purple Color


Highlight with Gray Color


Reset All


Add Strikethrough style


Add Comment to selected requests

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