Charles Proxy Converter

1. What's it?

Proxyman is capable of converting and reading the chls files from Charles Proxy app to har format that Proxyman can understand.

It requires that Charles Proxy is already installed in order to convert chls files

You can manually convert the files from File menu -> Convert -> chls to har

2. How it works?

In general, Proxyman use Convert CLI from Charles Proxy to convert .chls to .har, which Proxyman can understand.

  1. As soon as you open chls file, Proxyman tries to find Charles Proxy app, which has bundle ID is


  2. Convert by using convert command

$ ./Applications/ convert ~/Desktop/input.chls ~/Desktop/output.har

3. The output is har format in your Desktop directory

3. How to use?

There are several ways to open chls files:

  • Open the chls file directly (Double-Click on the file, or Open With from Finder app)

  • Drag and drop the file to Proxyman app

  • File -> Open and select chls files

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