Write your own Addons

1. What's it?

You can write your own Addon to achieve that Proxyman hasn't provided yet.

You can do:

  • Write Javascript Addon

  • Write your own library that might share many addons

2. How to write an addon?

  1. Open User Addon folder at ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.proxyman.NSProxy/users or you can open by opening the Action menu -> Open Custom Addon Folder

2. Duplicate HelloWorld.js file and rename to MyAwesomeAddon.js

3. Open the file and you can see the template.

4. Change the metadata and write your JS Code

"name":"My Awesome Addon",
"description":"The first User Addons",
const { md5 } = require("@addons/MD5.js");
const sayHello = () => {
var content = "Hello World. My first custom Addon.";
var hash = md5(content);
return content + ". MD5 = " + hash;
// Make sure you export the function at the end of method
exports.sayHello = sayHello;
  • You can import built-in addons by using require(@"addons/<name.js>")

const { md5 } = require("@addons/MD5.js");

Check out the built-in addons that Proxyman provides

  • You can import built-in library by using require(@"lib/<name.js>")

Check out the built-in library that Proxyman provides

5. Save the file

6. Open your Script in Proxyman app and import the script

// Import your addon
// Make sure you imports the function that you exports in the addons
const { sayHello } = require("@users/MyAwesomeAddon.js");
// Usage

require("@users/MyAwesomeAddon.js") is your addon directory

@users means the Custom Addons Folder

3. Note

Your own scripts are stored at ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.proxyman.NSProxy/users

This folder is safe. It's never overridden or removed by Proxyman.