1. What's it?

During using Proxyman, you might face the situation to find the difference between requests and responses. The Diff tool would help you to:

  • Diff two Requests or Response, include the URL, Method, Status Code, Headers, and the Text-based body.

  • Render as Side-by-Side or Unified.

  • Light and Dark Theme.

  • Export as a unified file.

  • Open the diff by 3rd-party applications, such as FileMerge.

  • Highlight and add comments.

This feature is only available for macOS 11.2 and later.

2. How to use it?

  1. Select your requests on the main table view.

  2. Right-Click -> Tools -> Add to Diff pool (Or using ⌘Y)

  3. On the Diff window, select Left and Right Panel.

  4. Proxyman performs the diff operation and displays it.

Side-by-Side mode

Unified Mode

3. Open with 3rd-party diff tools

  • File Merge: Required Xcode to install

  • Kaleidoscope: You have to install the ksdiff in the Kaleidoscope's preference.

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