How License works in Proxyman

Proxyman Premium Version

You can try all debugging tools with the Trial version, it is limited to 4 pinned domains, 4 matching rules, and no new tabs.
The Premium version comes with:
    A year’s worth of macOS updates
    Premium Proxyman for iOS (2 devices per seat)
    Multiple Tabs
    Unlimited Pinned Domains / Apps
    Unlimited matching rules for all Advanced Debugging Tools (e.g. SSL Proxying List, Map Local, Map Remote, Breakpoint, Allow/Block List, Protobuf, Scripting, Network Conditions, Multiple Filters, Reverse Proxy, etc).

Buy Proxyman License

Please navigate to the Pricing page for purchasing Proxyman License. Additionally, you can Extend your license, Renew at a discount price.

Manage Proxyman License

If you're the owner of the Proxyman license, you can manage your devices, which are associated with the License by adding, removing. Please open License Manager
If you have already purchased, please contact [email protected] with your VAT information and receipt number.

Active License

After purchasing the Proxyman License, you will receive a license key in your mailbox. To activate, please open Proxyman app -> Proxyman Menu -> License.
Copy and Paste the license key and click Activate button.
Activate a license on Proxyman

Activate License by CLI

If you have a huge number of licenses, and you would an automatic way to activate a license. You can do it too.
    Download Proxyman app and copy it to /Applications folder
    Open Terminal and execute the following cmd:
To Activate:
$ /Applications/ activate <key>
To Unlink device:
$ /Applications/ unlink

Activate by URL

You can also activate a Proxyman license by the URL:
    Download and open Proxyman at least 1 time.
    Open the URL by Safari or Google Chrome.
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