How License works in Proxyman

Proxyman Pro

You can try all debugging tools with the Trial version, it is limited to 2 pinned domains, 2 rules for each debugging tool, and no new tabs.

The Pro version comes with:

Trial Evaluation Duration

  • Personal Purpose: No time-limited.

  • Business Purpose: It's for 2 weeks. After that, please consider purchasing the license.

Demo Key

If you're a team/company, you can request a 2-week demo key, then please contact

Buy Proxyman License

Please navigate to the Pricing page for purchasing Proxyman Licenses.

Manage Proxyman License

If you're the owner of the Proxyman license key, you can manage your devices by using the License Manager.

Active License

macOS/Windows/Linux app

  1. After purchasing the Proxyman License, you will receive a license key in your mailbox.

  2. To activate, please open the Proxyman app (macOS/Windows/Linux) -> Proxyman Menu -> Buy Proxyman Pro.

  3. Click on the "Activate License" button and enter your license key

iOS app

Proxyman license key comes with the Proxyman iOS app. 1 seat can be activate on 2 iOS devices.

  1. Open the More Tab (on the Right-Bottom TabBar) -> FaceID & Passcode -> Unlock -> Enter your license key.

  2. Done

Activate License by CLI

If you have a huge number of licenses, you would like to have an automatic way to activate a license. You can do it too.

  1. Download the Proxyman app and copy it to the /Applications folder

  2. Open and close the app once time at least. It's necessary to set up some configurations.

  3. Open Terminal and execute the following cmd:

To Activate:

$ /Applications/ activate <key>

To Unlink device:

$ /Applications/ unlink

Activate by URL

You can also activate a Proxyman license by the URL:

  1. Download and open Proxyman at least 1 time.

  2. Open the URL by Safari or Google Chrome.


Remove License

You can remove your license from your devices, and then activate it on your new devices as long as you have enough available seats.

From your current devices

Open Proxyman app -> Proxyman Menu -> License -> Click on the "Unlink this device" button.

With License Manager

  1. Enter the email address that you've used to purchase a license

  2. Open the access link from your email.

  3. Click on the device to remove it.

Activate License with Cooperated Proxy Server

From Proxyman 4.12.0 or later, you can ask Proxyman to use Cooperated Proxy in a Tools Menu -> Proxy Setting -> External Proxy -> Set HTTP / HTTPS Proxy setting.

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