How to install Certificate and debug HTTPS contents in macOS device.

Install Certificates on macOS

In order to intercept encrypted HTTPS message (Request or Response), you have to install Proxyman CA Certificate in your current machine. This steps is mandatory for iOS, Android devices, iOS simulator and Firefox too.

You can install the Proxyman CA Certificate by navigating to

  • Certificate menu -> Install Certificate on this Mac...

The Proxyman Certificate is locally generated in your machine and never store in the Proxyman's web server.

Proxyman's certificate is store locally at ~/.proxyman directory

Automatic mode

Proxyman could automatically install & trust the Certificate in Keychain by following the instruction in the following screenshot.

It's convenience for the majority of users and we can start debugging now 👏

Install & Trust Proxyman CA by automatic mode

Automation mode requires Root Privileges to performe the installation script. If you're not sure, please consider to use Manual mode.

Manual Mode

Proxyman also offers more freedom to super-user who need to install Certificate on their behalf. There are 2 steps:

  1. Add Proxyman Certificate to Keychain

  2. Trust Proxyamn Certificates

Install and Trust certificate in manual mode

Trust Proxyman Certificate

Make sure that your machine trusts Proxyman Certificate properly.

  • Open Keychain -> Search Proxyman CA -> Open it then expanding the Trust Section -> Select Always Trust

macOS Setup Guide for SSL Proxying

SSL Proxying

After the installation, we can start capture and view HTTPS message by following SSL Proxying Doc