Request / Response Previewer

See the content of HTTP Message

After installing the Certificate and enable HTTP Response on domains or clients, it's time to see the Request and Response message in the Flow Content Panel (Right Panel)

Flow Content panel present the content of the selected request/response

Content Previewer

Depend on what the content of the Request or Response is: Proxyman will it in separate category:

  • Header: All headers (key-value)

  • Cookies: The Cookie key in header

  • Body: The body of the message: Proxyman automatically formats and beautifies depend on the Content-Type, such as: JSON, PNG, GIF, Raw Data, ...

  • Query: If the request has query, all queries are presented.

  • Raw: The RAW HTTP message

Layout mode

There are two way to order the Request / Response Panel: Vertical or Horizontal mode

Previewer in Vertical Mode
Previewer in Horizontal Mode


All sections are support Copy (⌘C) and multiple selection

Body Previewer

Body previewer automatically beautifies the content as well as offer a handy minor features:

  • Tree View: Represent the JSON in Tree View mode

  • Export only body: Able to export your body content to file. Suitable for Raw Data or binary data

  • Open With: You can open the Body content with your favorited Editor. Sublime Text is mime 😍