Proxyman iOS
tvOS & watchOS
Proxyman can capture and intercept HTTP/HTTPS traffic from tvOS and watchOS.

1. watchOS


It's straighforward by following the Proxyman iOS Simulator Guideline.

watchOS Physical Device

Follow the iOS devices guideline to set HTTP Proxy and install the certificate to your host device.


Proxyman • Modern Web Debugging Proxy on macOS, iOS, Android devices and iOS Simulator

2. tvOS


Fortunately, it's easy to capture traffic from the tvOS simulator. All you have to do is follow the iOS Simulator Guideline.

tvOS Devices

It's quite tricky to use Proxyman on a real device.
  1. 2.
    Instead of using Charles Proxy, you can use Proxyman.
  • Please note that Proxyman port is 9090 (default)
  • Export Proxyman Certificate in the Certificate Menu -> Export
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