SSL Error from HTTPS Request/Response

1. Problems

  • You couldn't see any HTTPS traffic on Proxyman app

  • You get SSL Error from HTTPS Requests and Responses

  • You get SSL Handshake Failed

2. Solution

There are many reasons why we encounter the SSL Error, please double-check the following steps:

2.1 Verify that you're able to see HTTPS Response without error from other apps / domains

Let try to intecept from Safari app:

  • If success, and you're able to see HTTPS Response => You setup the Proxyman Certificate correctly and move the step 2.2

  • If not, please re-install the Proxyman Certificate or try to reset the app from Help menu -> Advanced -> Reset app & Certificate

2.2 Disable SSL-Pinning

You're still unable to see HTTPS Response on your app, it seems that your app is protected by SSL-Pinning, which prevent MitM apps to see the content.

Please temporarily disable SSL-Pinning and try again.

Read more about SSL-Pining:

2.3 Install Proxyman CA on Firefox

If you encounters the SSL Error on Firefox, it means that we need to install Proxyman CA into Firefox's Trust Store. Please read Firefox installation page.‚Äč