SSL Error from HTTPS Request/Response

1. Problems

  • You could not see any HTTPS traffic on the Proxyman app

  • You get SSL Error from HTTPS Requests and Responses

  • You get SSL Handshake Failed

2. Solution

There are many reasons why we encounter the SSL Error, please double-check the following steps:

2.1 Verify that you're able to see other HTTPS Response without error

Let try to intercept from Safari app:

  1. Open Safari on macOS and open

  2. Select "Enable SSL Proxying" on this domain on the Proxyman app

  3. Verify if you're able to see the HTTPS Response or not

If success:

  1. You're able to see HTTPS Response, it means you set up the Certificate properly. It's good

  2. The problem might be from your apps or devices. Let try again on your domains/apps -> If the SSL Error still happens, please verify:

  • If it's from your Remote Devices (iPhone/iPad or Android)

=> Please follow the iOS Remote device Document again. Verify that you install and trust the certificate.

=> Some Android devices require extra configuration or try to run the sample project

=> Verify if your app is protected with SSL-Pinning -> Try to disable it

  • If it's from iOS Simulator

=> Please follow the iOS Simulator => Try to install again and restart the simulator

  • If it's from Java Machine

=> Follow Java VMS guideline

  • If it's from Firefox

=> Follow Firefox guideline

  • If you couldn't fix it

=> Open Github ticket or email us at

If not:

Look like you set up a Proxyman Root Certificate on your mac machine is not correct.

  1. Try to remove the current certificate by going to Preference -> Find the Certificate -> Click on Action button -> Delete

  2. Install again: Certificate menu -> Install Certificate on Mac

  3. Verify that your certificate is installed and trusted. You can see the green tick

  4. Try again on your apps/domains

  • If you're trying to intercept an Android app that you're not a developer => You couldn't do it, since we have to add extra configurations to the Android project.

  • If you couldn't fix it

=> Open Github ticket or email us at

2.2 SSL-Pinning

You're still unable to see HTTPS Response on your app, it seems that your app is protected by SSL-Pinning, which prevent MitM apps to see the content.

Please temporarily disable SSL-Pinning and try again.

Read more about SSL-Pining:

2.3 Install Proxyman CA on Firefox

If you encounter the SSL Error on Firefox, it means that we need to install Proxyman CA into Firefox's Trust Store. Please read the Firefox installation page.