Get SSL Error from HTTPS Request and Response

1. Problems

  • I couldn't see any HTTPS Content on Proxyman

  • All HTTPS Request and Response gets SSL Error

  • You get Client SSL Handshake Failed

2. Solution

There are many reasons why we encounter this SSL Error, please double-check the following steps:

2.1 Verify that you're able to see HTTPS Response without error from other apps / domains

Let try to intecept from Safari app:

  • If success, and you're able to see HTTPS Response => You setup the Proxyman Certificate correctly and move the step 2.2

  • If not, please re-install the Proxyman Certificate or try to reset the app from Help menu -> Advanced -> Reset app & Certificate

2.2 Disable SSL-Pinning

You're still unable to see HTTPS Response on your app, it seems that your app is protected by SSL-Pinning, which prevent MitM apps to see the content.

Please temporarily disable SSL-Pinning and try again.

Read more about SSL-Pining: