Proxy Setting Helper Tool

How Proxyman overrides your Network Proxy

Proxy Setting Helper Tool

By default, Proxyman will automatically override your Network Proxy Setting by using networksetup CLI. However, networksetup is bottleneck when starting or quitting the app.

Proxyman offers a better approach: Proxy Setting Helper Tool, which is Privileged Helper Tool macOS in order to override Network Proxy in high performance. ‚Äč

You can notice the performance difference by starting the app with or without Proxy Setting Tool.

At the first launch, Proxyman will present the Popup to install the Proxyman Proxy Setting Tool. You can skip it and install later in Preference -> Advanced Tab

Install Proxy Helper tool require privilege permission.

Proxyman Proxy Helper Tool

After the installation, you can find the Helper tool at /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/com.proxyman.NSProxy.HelperTool

If Proxyman releases new update for Proxy Setting Helper Tool, it requires to intall again.

Uninstall Proxy Helper Tool

You can uninstall the Proxy Helper Tool in Preference -> Advance Tab -> Uninstall Proxy Setting Tool