Map Remote

1. What's it?

Map Remote would help the developer to change the HTTP Request's location to a new destination server, per the configured rules, so the HTTP Response is transparently served from your client.

Map Remote also supports map from HTTP to HTTPS and vice-versa

⌘⌥R: Map Remote Shortcut

2. What's for?

  • Use Production Endpoints on your Development website on certain endpoints without changing in the source code

  • Use Development Endpoints on your Production website

  • Change certain request's URL to different destination

  • Able to replace requests components, such as Protocol, Host, Port, Path or Query on the fly

3. Matching Rule

Proxyman supports Regular Expression and Wildcard from 2.3.0 version. Check out here

We can define matching rules by using Wildcard or Regular Expression.

For matched requests, Proxyman attempts to:

  • Replace Protocol, Host, Port, Path, Query if it available

  • If the component is empty, it won't change the matched request's component

  • Leave the textfields blank to keep it unchanged from the matched request

  • Wildcard is not allow

Additional Headers

If the request is matched, the Response would contain:

  • X-Proxyman-Map-Remote: https://<your_map_remote_url>

Therefore, it's easier to know what is the server that the response serves

4. How to use

  • Tools Menu -> Map Remote

  • Right Click on selected Request -> Tools -> Map Remote: Proxyman will fill necessary data from the selected request