iOS Simulator

How to install Proxyman Certificate to iOS Simulators

In order to capture the HTTP/HTTPS message in iOS Simulator devices, please navigate to:

  • Certificate Menu -> Install Certificate on iOS Simulator

Certificate -> Install Certificate on iOS Simulator...

iOS Simulator Setup Guide

The following photo describes thee steps:

  1. Install Root Proxyman Certificate on your machine: You can follow the macOS Guide.

  2. Install Proxyman Certificate to all available simulators, which you have opened at least one time.

This step only installs on Simulators, which you have open it at least one time

For instance, if you would like to debug on iPhone X Simulator, please make sure to open the iPhone X Simulator first, then installing the Certificate in Step 2

3. Reset the Simulator: Proxyman tries to reset all simulators, so it will load the new Certificate.

Alternative approach

If you couldn't install the certificate, you can manually do it:

  1. Export the Proxyman Certificate: Certificate Menu -> Export Proxyman Certificate -> Select Desktop folder and Save

  2. Open the Simulator and drag the certificate and drop on the Simulator screen

  3. Quit the Simulator and re-open

SSL Proxying

After the installation, we can start capture and view HTTPS message by following SSL Proxying Doc ‚Äč


See detailed steps to debug an application on iOS Simulator with Proxyman