iOS 16 and iOS 17 issues

1. Problem

  • iOS 16 or iOS 17 physical devices could not set HTTP Proxy to Proxyman. Setting app -> Current Wifi -> Configure Proxy -> Manual Proxy.

  • Proxyman might not capture the traffic from iOS 16/17 devices.

=> It's an Apple bug.

This issue happens with Charles Proxy, Wireshark, Fiddler Everywhere, and other Web Debugging Proxy apps too.

Some users report that it's fixed on iOS 16.3 and later ✅

iOS 17 might have the same problem. Forget this Network might fix it.

See Section 4 for details.

2. How do I know it's a bug from Apple, not Proxyman?

  • You can test it by following below steps:

  1. Close all Proxyman app

  2. Get your iPhone (iOS 16 or later) -> Setting app -> Wifi -> Your Wifi -> Configure Proxy -> Manual Proxy

  3. Set any random IP, e.g.

  4. Set any random Port, e.g 9999

  5. Save

  6. Open Safari app -> Visit

  7. Confirm that you can access the Internet.

Since the IP and Port is invalid, but you can access the Internet, it indicates that it's Apple's bug 🆘

3. Solution for iOS 16.3 or earlier

  • Try to forget the Wi-Fi hotspot and restart the device might help.

  • Use Atlantis Framework to inspect the network.

  • Try to use iOS 15 physical devices.

  • Try to use the iOS 16 Simulator

4. ✅ Solution for iOS 16.3, iOS 17 or later

  1. Setting App -> WiFi -> Your WiFi -> Forget this Network.

  2. Setting app -> Wifi -> Your Wifi -> Configure Proxy -> Manual Proxy -> Enter the IP & Port -> Save.

  3. Double-check the Configure Proxy Setting

  1. Make sure it's `Manual`, If it's OFF, try again and Save. Sometimes, the proxy setting is not saved.

4. Further discussions

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