All problems and solutions when you Automatic/Manual Setup

1. Automatic Setup does not capture any HTTP Traffic from my new networking library

Proxyman supports the following libraries:

  • NodeJS: Axios, got, superagent, fetch, and node-fetch

  • Python: http, https, aiohttp, requests

  • Ruby: http, net/http, net/htps, faraday, and httparty

-> If you're using a new library and Proxyman Automatic Setup doesn't capture your HTTP/HTTPS traffic, please create a new ticket to request your library.

2. I get SSL Errors from my NodeJS, Ruby, Python script

-> Make sure you've installed & trusted the certificate on macOS. You can easily do it by opening the Certificate Menu -> Install a certificate for Mac.

-> If the bug still happens, it seems there is a bug in the Automatic Setup feature, please create a new ticket and let us know.

3. Proxyman could not record any traffic from my local server, e.g http://localhost:3000

By default, Traffic from http://localhost:3000 doesn't go through the system proxy. Therefore, Proxyman could not capture your traffic.

Please follow this solution to fix it.

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