My Remote Devices (iOS/Android) couldn't connect to Proxyman?

1 . Problem

  • You're able to see the traffic on your Mac machine but iOS or android devices couldn't access to the Internet after changing the Proxy Config in Wifi Setting.

  • Couldn't access to Proxyman local server for installing the Proxyman Certificate

2. Solution

Please make sure to double-check the following steps:

1. Make sure your mac device and iOS devices are on the same network

If they're on different network, they are unable to connect to each other.

2. Make sure the server IP and Port number must match with Proxyman

3. Turn OFF all VPN apps from macOS and iOS devices

  • For iOS Devices: Navigate to Setting -> General -> VPN and make sure the VPN status is OFF

  • For macOS: Quit all VPN app if needed

4. Firewall settings

On macOS: Navigate to System Preference -> Security & Privacy -> Firewall tab -> Option

Verify that:

  • Block All incoming connections is OFF

  • Proxyman app is allowed incoming connection

  • If there is no Proxyman app, please add Proxyman app by clicking on + button

  • Automatically allow built-in software to receive incoming connection is ON

  • Automatically allow downloaded signed software to receive incoming connections is ON

Firewall setting

5. If you're using the Company Network, ask the Security team to open Proxyman's port 9090

Some companies blocks all open port by default. Therefore, your iOS devices couldn't access to Proxyman's port.

6. I'm still unable to connect?

If you follow all above steps and all configuration are correct but it hasn't resolved your cases yet.

Please try to ON/OFF your Wifi, Forget the Wifi Network (iOS) and Restart the Computer.