My iOS devices couldn't connect to Proxyman via Proxy?


  • You're able to see the traffic on macOS but your iOS devices couldn't access to the Internet after changing the Proxy Config in Wifi Setting.

  • Couldn't access to local server for installing the certificate


Please make sure to verify all steps. It would solve your cases:

1. Double check the server IP and Port number: Must match with Proxyman

2. Turn OFF all VPN apps from macOS and from iOS device if need.

For iOS device, navigate to Setting -> General -> VPN and make sure the VPN status is OFF

3. Double check the Firewall settings

Navigate to System Preference -> Security & Privacy -> Firewall tab -> Option

Verify that:

  • Block All incoming connections is OFF

  • Proxyman app is allowed incoming connection

  • If there is no Proxyman app, please add Proxyman app by clicking on + button

  • Automatically allow built-in software to receive incoming connection is ON

  • Automatically allow downloaded signed software to receive incoming connections is ON

Firewall setting