In order to intercept HTTPS traffic from Firefox, it requires extra steps to install Proxyman CA into Firefox's Trust Store.

1. Install Proxyman CA on macOS machine

Before installing Proxyman CA on Java VMs, we have to install properly on your current mac machine.

Check out macOS Guideline:


If you've done this step, you can skip and start the next step.

2. Set Proxy on Firefox

  • Open Firefox's Preference panel (CMD+,)

  • Search Proxy and open the Proxy Setting

  • Select Auto Use System Proxy or manually hardcode the Proxy IP and Port

3. Install Proxyman CA to Firefox

  1. Open on Firefox and download the certificate to your Download folder is a local HTTP Server for strengthening the security. Please make sure the Proxyman app is open when accessing this domain.

2. Open Firefox's Preference (CMD+,) and open View Certificate window

3. Open the Authorities Tab and select Import button

4. Select Proxyman CA, which you've downloaded and Trust all.

5. Reload your page that you need intercepting. Enjoy!

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