Import / Export

1. File Formats Support

  • Proxyman Log: Built-in Proxyman Log that contains all flow's information

  • HAR 1.2 (HTTP Archive): Suitable for transferring the HTTP Request and Response to other apps for the later inspector. Charles, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and other Network Analyzer apps are fully supported.

  • Charles Log: Charles Log that exports from Charles Proxy app

If you would like to save an entire working Session, please read the Save Session Page

2. Import & Export

You can export:

  • List of selected Request or Response

  • All traffics from specific Client or Domain Node or Remote Devices

It's useful to export a bug request that you can investigate later or send to QA team.

3. How to use

3.1 Import

  • Drag and drop files to Proxyman Window

  • File -> Open

3.2 Export

  • Right Menu -> Export

Export entire request from selected App
Export a list of HTTP Requests