Import / Export

1. Import

Proxyman supports multiples traffic log files from Proxyman and Charles Proxy.
    Proxyman Log: Built-in Proxyman Log that contains all Requests and Responses information.
    Proxyman Session: Entire working session files that are exported from the Proxyman app.
    HAR 1.2 (HTTP Archive): Suitable for transferring the HTTP Request and Response to other apps for the later inspector. Charles, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other Network Analyzer apps are fully supported.
    Charles Proxy Log: Charles Log that exports from Charles Proxy app. The file extension is chls.
    CSV File: Export selected requests as a CSV file (Proxyman 2.29.0+)
    Charles Proxy Log for iOS (Proxyman 2.30.0+): File extension is chlsj.
    Export as Postman Collection 2.
If you would like to save an entire working Session, please read the Save Session Page.

2. Export

You can export:
    List of selected Requests or Responses.
    All traffic from specific Client or Domain Node or Remote Devices.
    An entire working session.
    Export as Proxyman LOG or ProxymanSession, Body or Raw tab.
It's useful to export a bug request that you can investigate later or send to your QA team.

3. How to use

3.1 Import files to Proxyman

    Drag and drop files to Proxyman Window
    File -> Open -> Select a file
The imported file will be added to the Pin Section where you can inspect all traffic.

3.2 Export to files

There are many ways to export a selected request to files:
    Select Request & Response on the main table view -> Right Click -> Export
    Right Click on the App or Domain -> Export
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