Import / Export

1. File Support

  • Proxyman Log: Built-in Proxyman Log that contains all flow's information

  • HAR 1.2 (HTTP Archive): Suitable for transferring the HTTP Request and Response to other apps for the later inspector. Charles, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and other Network Analyzer apps are fully supported.

If you would like to save an entire working Session, please read the Save Session Page

2. Import & Export

You can export:

  • List of selected Request or Response

  • All traffics from specific Client or Domain Node or Remote Devices

It's useful to export a bug request that you can investigate later or send to QA team.

3. How to use

3.1 Import

  • Drag and drop files to Proxyman Window

  • File -> Open

3.2 Export

  • Right Menu -> Export

Export entire request from selected App
Export a list of HTTP Requests