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How to install Proxyman Certificate on iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad)

In order to capture HTTP/HTTPS messages in iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), please navigate to:

  • Certificate Menu -> Install Certificate on iOS -> Physical Device

iOS Setup Guide

⚠️ If you're iOS 16, there is an Apple bug that you could not set the HTTP Proxy. Please check out the troubleshooting.

Let's follow the guideline:

  1. Install Root Proxyman Certificate on your machine: You can follow the macOS Guide.

  2. Get your iOS Device -> Open Setting app -> Wifi -> Select the current Wifi -> Config the HTTP Proxy by following the next tables.



Server IP

Your current IP Network


The current port of Proxyman: 9090 is the default



If you're using any VPN apps on macOS or iOS devices, please make sure to close all VPN apps, because they conflict with the HTTPS Proxy config.

3. Open by Safari browser from your iOS Devices in order to install the Proxyman Certificate. is a local website, which serves from the local Proxyman's HTTP server. If you couldn't open it, please forget the wifi, re-connect and make sure the Proxyman app is opening.

If you couldn't access it. Please open the support ticket at Github's repo.

4. From iOS 10.3, we have to explicitly install & trust the Proxyman CA in the Setting app

Install Proxyman CA

  • iOS ≥ 10.3: Setting app > General > Profiles > Select Proxyman CA > Install

  • iOS ≥ 12.2: Setting app > Profiles Downloaded > Select Proxyman CA > Install

Trust Proxyman CA

  • Setting app > General > About > Certificate Trust Settings > Switch ON on Proxyman CA.

Please make sure we install and trust the Proxyman CA in your iOS Device. If you have any problem, shot us an email at or bump it in Github

If you could not see any traffic from your iOS Devices, please check out this troubleshooting

Make sure that you delete the certificate on your iPhone when you're not debugging by Proxyman. If not, your HTTP/HTTPS requests can be intercepted and leak your sensitive data.


See detailed steps on how to debug an application on iOS device with Proxyman.

Tired of manual config?

We understand that manually overriding the HTTP Proxy, and installing and trusting Proxyman Certificates is painful. Let's check out Atlantis, which is a native iOS framework that helps you do it automatically.

pageAtlantis for iOS

Flutter app?

You might not be able to see the Network Traffic on Proxyman if your app is a Flutter app.

Flutter does not use a system-level proxy, so requests to Proxyman will not be displayed. To do this, you must manually configure your HTTP client used in the code to work with a proxy.

Please follow the solution "Getting Charles to work with Flutter" in

To find out your local IP, please go to Certificate Menu -> Install Certificate on iOS -> Physical device and get the Server IP and Port

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