Proxyman provides a useful command-line tool to enhance your onboarding experience ✅.
You can access the tool at /Applications/

1. Export Proxyman config

Export all debugging tools rules, such as SSL Proxying List, Breakpoint, Map Local, Scripting, Block List, Allow List, Reverse Proxy, and Network Conditions.
$ /Applications/ export -h
OVERVIEW: Export all debugging tools rules (Breakpoint, SSL Pinning, Map Local, Map
Remote, Scripting, etc).
USAGE: proxyman-cli export [--mode <mode>] --output <output>
-m, --mode <mode> Export Mode (all = "All debugging tools's rules", enabledRules
= "Only enabled rules"). (default: all)
-o, --output <output> A Output file to save the config to.
--version Show the version.
-h, --help Show help information.
By default, the export command would export all rules. To exclude particular rules, please uncheck the "Enabled" column in each debugging tool and use the -m enabledRules

For example:

  • Export all debugging tool rules:
$ /Applications/ export -o ~/Desktop/data.json
  • Only export enabled rules:
$ /Applications/ export -m enabledRules -o ~/Desktop/data.json

2. Import Proxyman config

Import Proxyman debugging tools rules that you have exported by the export command.
$ /Applications/ import -h
OVERVIEW: Import config to Proxyman.
USAGE: proxyman-cli import [--mode <mode>] --input <input>
-m, --mode <mode> Import Mode (append = "Append to the existing rules"),
override = "Import and Replace all existing rules". (default:
-i, --input <input> A input file to import.
--version Show the version.
-h, --help Show help information.
By default, new imported rules will be appended to the existing debugging rules. To override all rules, let use -m override

For example:

  • Import all debugging rules by appending them:
$ /Applications/ import -i ~/Desktop/data.json
  • Import, but override all my existing rules:
$ /Applications/ import -m override -i ~/Desktop/data.json
Please check out the command for activating and unlinking a license.

4. Toggle HTTP System Proxy

From Proxyman 4.8.0 and later, we can toggle the Proxy System by command line. It's useful for Raycast Extension
/Applications/ proxy on
/Applications/ proxy off