Proxyman 2.9.1 (20910): Better Color for Light Theme 🦞

Release date: 12 Oct 2020


SHA: 14b61aaa979685972a82625661104441ec5d5ca44985d83fedef5424d75db6dd

Whats’s new

  • Feature: Sorting alphabetically for All Domain and Clients

  • Feature: Add TLS Version information as a Flow Column

  • Improve: Better color for Light theme (Preview Body, Raw, and JSON Tree View)


Proxyman 2.9.0 (20900): Header Autocomplete for Compose and Breakpoint & JSON Filter

Release date: 06 Oct 2020


SHA: 79372d04da9b85b673e68139115316d72b8a32b74927886a51355b43e1d2284a

Whats’s new

  • Feature: Header Autocomplete for Breakpoint and Compose

  • Feature: Search and filter JSON Tree View response

  • Improve: Add Enable Column to all Tool List


  • Fixed: CMD+Delete when editing the Key/Value in Breakpoint cause canceling the breakpoint

  • Fixed: Missing Item count in Tree View for Array Node


Proxyman 2.8.0 (20800): Map Remote v2 and UI Improvement 🐣

Release date: 29 Sep 2020


SHA: 6ce5c448b32e3ed8a8d59e61c627b1db6994dd8bffdf2281c4ab04cacf20d241

Whats’s new

  • Feature: Map Remote v2 with Preserve Host in Header Fields.

  • Improve: Always show the Body Tab in the Request and Response Panel regardless of Body Content

  • Improve: Add + Button to add Custom Previewer Tab

  • Improve: UI Certificate installation

  • Improve: CMD+Return to compose a request


  • Fixed: Auto-Complete show in Body (Readonly Mode)

  • Fixed: Scripting is shorty hang if the Console Log has large text data

  • Fixed: Too many Skip executing the script because it is on Editing Mode

  • Fixed: Capturing localhost:9090 ends up in an infinite loop


Proxyman 2.7.0 (20700): Scripting Autocomplete and Import Configs from Charles Proxy 🧛‍♀️

Release date: 21 Sep 2020


SHA: 6b683ae0d632adb07e5d1e1a25dae3fd8116cd069a60b7840451838604b436be

What’s new:

  • Feature: Text Auto-Complete for Scripting, Map Local and Composing Editor.

  • Feature: Import Tool Config (XML) from Charles Proxy, includes Map Local, Map Remote, Breakpoint, Allow and Block List

  • Improve: Improve UIUX on Proxyman 2.6.0

  • Improve: Improve Install Certificate Design

  • Improve: Auto enable SSL Proxying on Domains when creating new rules

  • Improve: Add Help Buttons that link to Proxyman Document page for all available tools


  • Fixed: Could not CMD+N to create a new script if the Scripting View is empty

  • Fixed: Crashed on Shared State (Scripting) on prior macOS 10.15

  • Fixed: Potential crashes on HelperTool and HAR Export

  • Fixed: Crashes on Hex Viewer


Proxyman 2.6.0 (20600): Custom Root Certificate 🐳

Release date: 10 Sep 2020


SHA: b30fabb1a51795b5837dc35edeb47bf968fe654a38fa00595ab4edb9b00f75b0

What’s new:

  • Introduce Custom Root Certificate: You can locally generate and provide your own Root Certificate to Proxyman for SSL Proxying

  • Improve: Scripting persist state between onRequest and onResponse with sharedState

  • Improve: 1103 Error Resource exceeds maximum size error. It means make GET Request with body

  • Improve: Add rawBody to request and Response for Scripting Feature


  • Fixed: Proxyman v2 couldn’t open Proxyman Log v1

  • Fixed: Block List and Allow List does not work with WebSocket

  • Fixed: Should not reset app when resetting Proxyman Certificate


Proxyman 2.5.3 (20530): Scripting with Javascript - v4 💊

Release date: 31 Aug 2020


SHA: dc63b08b46e8e410f7a246821d3754ad7a08f35488958dbc4796afcac3f75737

What’s new:

  • Feature: Allow Map Local (File or Directory) with Scripting

  • Improve: Support Base64 Encoded String for the binary body in Scripting


  • Fixed: Could not parse Binary Body in Scripting

  • Fixed: JWTDecode.js addons doesn’t’ work anymore

  • Fixed: Incorrect guessing the Content-Type of a local file (Map Local Directory)

Proxyman 2.5.2 (20520): Scripting with Javascript - v3 🐳

Release date: 29 Aug 2020


SHA: b88e590fa4318ea67cc14d3da5dda3793f9b1e762011e799f3b3cec8587c7b2c

What’s new:

  • Support gzip/ungzip and deflate/inflate compression addons from Pako.js

  • Support native atob and btoa base64 encoding/decoding

  • Remove default port 443 or 80 from matched requests from Scripting Tool

  • Add Hide Apple Traffic option in Preference -> Advanced Tab

  • Improve Scripting versioning: Replace each addons file for new version instead of replacing entire addon folder

  • Improve 10% Performance in Flow Table View due to alternative row color


  • Fixed: The response doesn’t end if the Script has errors on the onResponse function

Proxyman 2.5.1 (20510): Scripting with Javascript - v2 🚀

Release date: 27 Aug 2020


SHA: b95797154fdb661cd3d6a4cff21af2913416257ae058ed36f0e914319e7f818d

What’s new:

  • Improve: Auto enable SSL Proxying for Scripting

Proxyman 2.5.0 (20500): Scripting with Javascript 🚀

Release date: 27 Aug 2020


SHA: 39f70ec4aa838430815d9285b1479f70f11240f96497304cba4893338a2c829e

What’s new:

  • Feature: Introduce Scripting Feature that allows you to write JS code to change the Request/Response Header, Query, Form, JSON Body, … in ease. Documentation at Scripting Doc

  • Feature: Built-in Addons and Libraries: MD5, SHA1, UUID, Base64, Beautify, …

  • Feature: Ship with a collection of Snippet Code, includes: Update HTTP Header, Response, Query, Form, Host, Path, Port, …

  • Improve: Discard common Apple’s Endpoints from iOS Simulators


Proxyman 2.4.2 (20420): They’ve gone 🐞?

Release date: 19 Aug 2020


SHA: 66622dd736f035d2c39da1788644b6a552c3e34d3eacbcf86e5b0b6b108ffec6

What’s new:

  • Improved: Error Message when parsing the HTTP Message on Map Local if the Content-Length is incorrect

  • Improved: Wording for SSL Error


  • Fixed: Map Local always scrolls to Top when opening the Windows

  • Fixed: Unnecessary Error flows (uncleanShutdown and read(descriptor:pointer:size:)) when the requests are stopped suddenly

  • Fixed: Often get 404 Response by Map Remote

  • Fixed: Typo in the error message

  • Fixed: Few crashes from HexFriend

  • Fixed: Renew day doesn’t update after renewing the account

  • Fixed: Proxyman doesn’t check update from the soft opening

Proxyman 2.4.1 (20410): Where are my bugs 🐞?

Release date: 12 Aug 2020


SHA: 4670509d1f6d607177f865a209cfa3f9af053981528068a8f2083dda152832d9


  • Fixed: Map Remote to localhost often return 404

  • Fixed: Handle Invalid Regex or Wildcard scenario

  • Fixed: Crash when mapping with invalid Remote Endpoint

  • Fixed: Race-condition issue on Regex Matcher

  • Fixed: Blacklist doesn’t block the website in certain scenarios

  • Fixed: Close All Alive Connection doesn’t work in certain scenarios

Proxyman 2.4.0 (20400): Refine UI and Install Certificate for Java VMs

Release date: 10 Aug 2020


SHA: 2602bb934f2915bf371b04fe06f819867dc68d52ec2e49f71e7a3911c269b693

What’s new

  • Feature: Install Proxyman CA Certificate on Java Virtual Machines

  • Improve: Proxyman Tools’s UI

  • Improve: Add Save indicator to Map Local Editor

  • Improve: Remove Done buttons from all Tool Windows

  • Improve: Base64 Decoding with various String Encoding

  • Improve: Performance of the Flow List with a huge number of rows

  • Attempt to fix crashes on AppCenter due to invalid ByteBuffer usage and reduce the number of ChildGroup (Swift-NIO)


  • Fixed: Broken layout for Map Editor on small screens

  • Fixed: Crash when reordering rules in Allow List

  • Fixed: App crash when parsing x509 Certificate from some special websites


Proxyman 2.3.0 (20300): Support Regex Matching Rule 🧤

Release date: 23 Jul 2020


SHA: 08e3a96afa6ecc4cb4ee689b905ac6fbe574c0cedc57afd75bf1b0ba47028240

What’s new

  • Feature: Support Regular Expression for all tools (Map Local, Map Remote, Breakpoint, Block & Allow List, …)

  • Feature: Refined Map Local UI

  • Feature: Support Map to Local Directory with specific paths and its subdirectories

  • Improve: Allow to repeat/edit the requests even though the Proxy is stopped

  • Improve: Update Nickname Device name on Client Column

  • Improve: Auto enable tools after adding a new rule


  • Fixed: Custom Previewer Tab doesn’t change the background when switching to Light Theme

  • Fixed: Map Remote to localhost often return 404

  • Fixed: Missing Server IP Address field from HAR file

  • Fixed: Server IP Column data is missing sometimes

  • Fixed: Crashes from AppCenter report


Proxyman 2.2.0 (20200): Custom Previewer Tabs 🎩

Release date: 14 Jul 2020


SHA: 0f9039ad461d29ab10f989f67bcd685ba8f76ce22ca8be06aad21ba4e9432b12

What’s new:

  • Feature: Custom Previewer Tabs: Easier to see the content in a certain format. Support Web View render and Beautify the minified files (HTML/CSS/JS)

  • Feature: Filter by Regular Expression

  • Improve: Add spinning cursor while loading large payloads

  • Improve: Handle HTTP Traffic from Connect request


  • Fixed: Status Badge button is too light on Light Theme

  • Fixed: Use with proxy chain not working

  • Fixed: Overscroll on all lists

  • Fixed: Custom Certificate badge doesn’t show at launch time


Proxyman 2.1.1(20110) Touch Bar & Debug Mode 🎸

Release date: 03 Jul 2020


SHA: 05b3164789875ba5d1a2edf816d8d22271fff377ba782bf5ed49b7a84c188fb4

What’s new:

  • Feature: Bring Proxyman to Touch Bar (10.15+)

  • Feature: Enable Debug Mode in Help menu

  • Improve: how Proxyman fetches the remote certificates by using Swift-SSL

  • Improve: Remove all OpenSSL library

  • Bugs fix and improvements


Proxyman 2.1.0(20100) Custom Server & Client Certificate 🐙

Release date: 28 Jun 2020


SHA: 8263d473da830b16222b34f8967e6d62113e1d2c6a4377e34cb2b54d28dbc0da

What’s new:

  • Feature: Custom Server and Client Certificates for SSL-Pining and Mutal Authentication

  • Improve: Better UI for Big Sur (macOS 11)

  • Improve: Bring Clean Session button to the Main Tool Bar

  • Improve: Proxyman Windows always on Top Feature request

  • Improve: Export Private Proxyman CA Key

  • Improve: Separate Date and Time Columns Feature request

  • Improve: Update latest OpenSSL (1.1.1g)

  • Improve: Support Always on Top and 24-time format in Preference

  • Improve: Layout for Root Certificate

  • Improve: Performance when fetching the icon of the clients


  • Fix: IP v4 is not correct for Remote Device in some devices

  • Fix: Duplicate query keys are ignored when editing a request

  • Fix: Couldn’t resolve IPv6 with gethostbyname

  • Fix: Couldn’t find the source client, which causes Unknown Client

  • Fix: Crash when fetching the icon of the app

  • Fix: Race Condition on Flow Presenter

  • Fix: Crash when reading Proxyman CA from OpenSSL

  • Fix: Crash when fetching remote certificate from NIO-SSL

  • Fix: Incorrect Error layout for Firefox and Simulator


Proxyman 2.0.1(20010) Swift NIO with few bug fixes 🎖

Release date: 17 Jun 2020


SHA: 29e802f10b3ddbbfc9473087e97cd263151ef275c363fab400803c094a44fc6f


  • Fixed Install Certificate Manually doesn’t work until we restart the app

  • Fixed Crash from OpenSSL on multiple-threads environment

  • Fixed Crash from race conditions when initializing the Proxyman Certs

Proxyman 2.0.0(20000) Say Hello to Swift NIO 👏

Release date: 16 Jun 2020


SHA: 222814e6b6d04741ba439dee27cf616b0d6a1c0bf5a83191b956757ea68b7561

What’s new:

  • Introduce Proxyman v2, which is 100% written with Apple Swift-NIO for high-performance and reliable networking tools.

  • All tools are working well on v2, include Map Local, Map Remote, Breakpoint, Allow List, Block List, External Proxy, No Caching, and Charles Converter,…

  • Keep connection alive or close depending on the Request Header for reducing the time SSL handshake

  • Remove AsyncCocoaSocket and solve tons of random crashes

  • Improve how Proxyman dynamically generate the Remote Certificate by using BoringSSL programmatically

  • Repeated requests will be affected by Matched Tools as usual


  • Fixed Jump issue when pressing tab to move to the next cell in Compose View and Breakpoint

  • Fixed Allow list doesn’t work in certain situations

  • Fixed Breakpoint Body is not loaded somehow

  • Fixed Repeated Request has a different order

  • Fixed WebSocket doesn’t work with non-default port

  • Fixed Streaming Audio or Video doesn’t work


Proxyman 1.24.0(12400) Body Filter

Release date: 31 May 2020


SHA: 6bec745726c251996fca3080bae8072a9c9b0008c685d212b45ef3813b0b8102

What’s new:

  • Introduce: Search and filter JSON response on the body content

  • Add: Monospace font options in Preference -> Theme


  • Fixed: Method Matching is wrong if enable Map Local on Connect requests

  • Fixed: Map local is accidentally replaced by placeholder content

  • Fixed: Deflate decoder doesn’t work

  • Fixed: Whitelist feature is allowing other domains


Proxyman 1.23.0(12300) Import Charles Log and Whitelist 👑

Release date: 04 May 2020


SHA: fdd7b3ed443baae38175b3bcea2ab65dddbe0c940d64e44a44d6bed92b5ae418

What’s new

  • Whitelist Tool to specify which domains should appear on Proxyman. Reduce the enormous number of unnecessary noise

  • Able to open Charles Proxy Log (.chls)


  • Mock Data Testing for Map Remote and Map Local: You can map fake URL for testing easily

  • Add Method Matching to Black List

  • Upgrade the latest version of CodeMirror with modern WKWebView


  • Fix: Query parameters are reordered on repeating a request

  • Fix: Failed/Hanging HEAD requests that work correctly with Charles Proxy

  • Fix: CodeMirror doesn’t load in Android Certificate

  • Fix: Empty Content for Key-Value Encoding in View As menu


Proxyman 1.22.0(12200) Protobuf 👑

Release date: 27 Apr 2020


SHA: 278234cb46418fa52e9a60369067884cc762e846ca8d69f02d96dbf409195f37

What’s new

  • Introduce Protobuf Feature: Parse Protobuf to JSON in ease

  • Duplicate the local file for duplicated rules in Map Local

  • Add “Show in Finder” for apps in the Left Panel Feature request

  • Customize Font Size for all Request and Response Panels

  • Don’t prompt Update Proxyman at launch


  • Fixed Pressing Keyboard Shortcut for Filter makes the alert noise

  • Fixed Deactivate keyboard shortcut to remove a local map when updating its fields

  • Fixed PATCH spelled as PATH in breakpoint rules

  • Fixed Crash when repeating the flow if the Local Map is absent


Proxyman 1.21.0(12100) Method Rule for Map Local, Map Remote and Breakpoint ⏰

Release date: 05 Apr 2020


SHA: 3ea55bb49b017f622ade32a8f252d3af9dba93e0d8ca5589c63a9f85039984b2

What’s new

  • Introduce Method Rule for Map Local, Map Remote and Breakpoint: You can define extract what the HTTP Method is

  • Filter setting is persisted from the last session

  • Support “Format as” menu to do JSON Prettier

  • Set Nickname for remote devices


  • Fixed Requests are added into different Remote Device IP address

  • Fixed Couldn’t generate Proxyman Certificate due to long name

  • Fixed Restore last window size and position

  • Fixed Map local is hang when selecting a big file

  • Fixed SSL ‘Mac Setup Guide’ displayed even when disabled in preferences

  • Fixed Pin menu is enabled even with pined items


Proxyman 1.20.0(12000) “Save as session” and improved UI ❤️

Release date: 28 Mar 2020


SHA: d50cf91c1d0bba1f3ae8039cb189dd4572a880579c15df3f15c935890f92342a

What’s new

  • Introduce “Save as Session”: You can export an entire session and load it for later use

  • Remove requirement for OS-level trust: You can intercept from Firefox, remote devices without trusting Proxyman Certificate

  • Re-design Mac Setup Guide and Proxyman Helper Tool Windows

  • Add names for map rules

  • Improve performance by moving all heavy process to the background and reduce the unnecessary call

  • Improve Body Previewer UI: System Font and elegant


  • Fixed some websites do not show after enabling SSL-Proxying

  • Fixed No scrollbar in source list when the content exceeds the height of the window

  • Fixed networksetup CLI is failed if there is an invalid network service

  • Fixed Couldn’t open Proxman Log from Remote Devices Folder

  • Fixed various Typo mistakes in Preferences


Proxyman 1.19.0(11900) Authentication Previewer ⏰

Release date: 16 Mar 2020


SHA: 6eb042a1a05076bfc2f391aaa6984c15105893eed42e8b835901dc6cd2c5b4e2

What’s new

  • Introduce Authentication Previewer: Easier to see the Basic, Bearer and Digest authentication headers

  • Introduce XML Pretty Print Previewer


  • Fixed Broken URL Layout in Horizontal Mode

  • Fixed Map Remote/Local does not work if a request is Repeated or Compose


Proxyman 1.18.1(11810) Map Remote Tool v2 💪

Release date: 09 Mar 2020


SHA: cd79abc5e6dfd0c7bd00785ee7b1a02c1195b1c1733d443423b87339bdaa550b


  • Fixed Missing Body in Remote Map Requests

Proxyman 1.18.0(11800) Map Remote Tool 💪

Release date: 09 Mar 2020


SHA: 6fc12f5a414880e698f5efaecfccd20d2e5f4e890e2f2a57773024335c10cfb8

What’s new

  • ✅ Introduce Map Remote Tool (⌥⌘R) Easily to test and debugging by remapping from Localhost to Production Endpoints and vice versa.

  • ⚡️Introduce Helper Tool 1.2: Gratefully revert the HTTP Proxy Config if Proxyman is crashed

  • Improve Clear Session Tool (⌃⌥⌘⌫): Clear and release entire the session

  • Add “Not Contains” filter to easily filter out some annoying requests


  • Improve UX when filtering flows with no result

  • Improve Add useful guideline to if the user doesn’t install Proxyman Certificate first

  • Improve Able to set a Default Location for Map Local in Preference

  • Improve Allow option to turn off word wrapping

  • Improve Monospace font for Network usage labels

  • Improve Allow version to be copiable

  • Improve Persist the previous Sorting state


  • Fixed Crashes due to improper race-condition fix from the last build

  • Fixed Crashes when changing ports in Preference

  • Fixed Invalid Certificate due to non English character name

  • Fixed Trailing slashes are removed when sending modified URLs with trailing slashes

  • Fixed Change Proxy Port causes the app is hang bug

  • Fixed The current selection is reloaded after changing the sort


Proxyman 1.17.1(11710) Stable build ever v2 ✅

Release date: 25 Feb 2020


SHA: 1de920ed598537bfa8e79c6a489a7c46e87a889987d71e7c3a20b383c21c4e8d

What’s new

  • Fix some crashed due to invalid UInt64 from Memory & Network usage data

Proxyman 1.17.0(11700) Stable build ever ✅

Release date: 25 Feb 2020


SHA: 58654686e8299ea416a18f46a33ed1d5e765b8cb96e298414ce2422899fb2422

What’s new

  • Introduce Memory and Network Usage in the Top Right Bottom Bar

  • Improve layout for White Theme


  • Diagnose and fix memory leaking in some internal components

  • Fixed Memory Leaking

  • Fixed Crash due to Race condition in Flow and TreeNode objects

  • Fixed AsyncCocoaSocket crashes on AppCenter


  • Fixed Couldn’t decode Deflate Compression from Response body

  • Fixed CMD+Number doesn’t change the multiple-tab (Like Safari)

  • Fixed CMD+F for filtering specific requests do not work in some cases

  • Fixed Ctrl+Click is not recognized as a secondary click

  • Fixed could not decode non-UTF-8 Encoding body in some Japanese websites

  • Fixed Broken layout when the URL is very long

  • Fixed Reversed ID sort causes selected row to change when request comes in


Proxyman 1.16.0(11600) Map Local from Directory 🎩

Release date: 04 Feb 2020


SHA: b669055e6359d665d1423e070a8c21c8dd4a35382892306070c51e1dcd7f7631

What’s new

  • Introduce Map Local from Directory ✅ Proxyman accepts three types: 1. HTTP Message, 2. Only Body and 3. Local Directory

  • HTTP Message in Map Local is now properly formatted (prettier) to easy to change the body content.

  • Improve performance and reduce memory usages: From now, request and response content is parsing when it needs

  • Migrate to new Proxyman Certificate if the current certificate is out of date.

  • Add X-Proxyman-Map-Local Header Key for responses, which is mapped.


  • Fixed Alphabet sort on JSON body

  • Fixed Content Panel doesn’t restore to the last position

  • Fixed Incorrect file extension when exporting the Body


Proxyman 1.15.0(11500) Better Map Local Tool ⚽️

Release date: 27 Jan 2020


SHA: e1f016e25d9b7dc90f60b49c231dce48dd40dedbb150744ee3bd8598a84e6975

What’s new

  • Introduce a Better Map Local Tool (v2):

    1. Map from a HTTP Message -> Capable of manipulating the HTTP Status, Headers and the Body.

    2. Map from a Local File as a Body

    3. Add the minimal Editor in Map Local => Able to edit the file directly in the app

    4. Auto create a Local File from the Response of the selected request

    5. Split View layout => Easily to manage the Local File Entry

  • Prefer using a JSON Previewer than Hex.

  • Add some well-known 3rd Text Editor app in Open With menu

  • Improve performance on the Main View with proper Throttle and Debounce when we have flood of in-coming requests


  • Fixed Body Tab doesn’t present in Breakpoint for a request/response with empty body contents

  • Fixed Don’t automatically select the Remote Folder when it initially connects


Proxyman 1.14.1(11410) Firefox issues 🚒

Release date: 22 Jan 2020


SHA: 0e0ac4c7db86213a584eedf9ad35cc8035109654eeada076f13bf9b6832e0306

What’s new

  • Add “Reset Certificate” in Certificate menu

  • Clean all old Intermediate certificates when updating to new Proxyman build


  • Fixed Missing HTTP Strict Transport Security in Proxyman Certificate for Firefox

Proxyman 1.14.0(11400) Hex Previewer 🎹

Release date: 21 Jan 2020


SHA: fd404bbf7110b4303fe35c431e1f4ffa7ce571800b0bd64b27012608e6bc3a4a

What’s new

  • Introduce Hex View for the Binary body


  • Fixed Repeat action doesn’t preserve query items Resolved

  • Fixed URL parts are missing if the URL contains double slashes (//) after the host part

  • Fixed several crashes from AppCenter


Proxyman 1.13.1(11310) Squashing bugs 🐛

Release date: 04 Jan 2020


SHA: 5de73c13d45eb963beb5897a5296a3f3ffab231b3bba370a8a7568a00e09f445


  • Fixed Missing some required Extensions (extendedKeyUsage=serverAuth) for self-signed certificate in Catalina

  • Fixed Couldn’t make connection in some complex URLs.

Proxyman 1.13.0(11300) - Happy New Year 🎆

Release date: 01 Jan 2020


SHA: ab37031a18feaad39b2d6dcc221c63227ad406cccd3b08f8d0c31fda6cd8ede2

What’s new

  • Support WebP Previewer 🌳

  • Detect Missing Proxyman Certificates in Firefox and guide the user to properly install it

  • ✅ Reduce Memory Usage as Proxyman don’t keep the decoded pretty body anymore. It would be generated on-the-fly in the background thread.


  • Fixed Breakpoint Response doesn’t present due previous connections weren’t closed properly

  • Fixed Breakpoint Response doesn’t update the body after intercepting.

Proxyman 1.12.0(11200) - Improved Security on Helper Tool 👮‍♀️

Release date:30 Dec 2019


SHA: b42ea59d5203a9b9a2269ee0dc706451a2ffb1f079ecb1bac4a5cfd88a443959

What’s new

  • Security Vulnerability on Proxyman Helper Tool (CVE-2019-20057): Validate the authenticity of in-coming connections and prevent unauthorized apps try to change Proxy Setting without user notices.

  • Introduce Dock To Bottom layout mode for Request & Response Panel

  • Auto scroll the request list to bottom: Easier to keep track the newest requests.

  • Auto decode Precented-encoding in FormData


  • Fixed Some URLs are not shown in Proxyman due to invalid chars

  • Fixed Boolean and Int (0, 1) in Tree View


Proxyman 1.11.0(11100) - Multiple-line URL - Santa is coming 🎄

Release date: 19 Dec 2019


SHA: e4a5be394b3efed6ba5dbae1817ed263b54abc2d7c4faac257f1e0add56cb435

What’s new

  • ✅ Support multiple-line URLs: Easier to see full long and complex URLs in the Content Panel

  • Allow multiple headers in Request and Response by default. Such as Set-Cookie, www-authenticate, …


  • Fixed Breakpoint panel is disappear after 2 seconds due to the server timeout

  • Fixed Crashed in AppCenter by improving many Safe containers in Flow models


Proxyman 1.10.0(11000) - Improvement

Release date: 04 Dec 2019


SHA: 7b31b1ee0998105aeb96dcbd3f696f04b60007948ad5adb78eb78dc40e74992f

What’s new

  • ✅ Base64 Decoder and Key&Value previewer are now eaiser for selected text: Right-click -> View As -> Base64 Decode

  • Add ServerIPAdress column in the flow list

  • Keep all percent-encoded in all URL


  • Fixed: Set Breakpoint on a response would be unexpectedly closed during editing

  • Fixed: Invalid Percent-encoded in URL’s path

  • Fixed: Incorrect cURL url in bash.

  • Fixed: Can’t compose the URL with port number

  • Fixed: Mislabel on Blacklist and Breakpoint

  • Fixed: Table selection (Header, Query, Param, …)is clear when adding new flow

  • Fixed: Clear a flow doesn’t close the connection

  • Fixed: Content Layout is not persisted


Proxyman 1.9.3(1930) - Improvement

Release date: 19 Nov 2019


SHA: bc535a5bb26e6c82f27f5a2a18e2ab2ab998a74da6366c4db21fc54857fab69d

What’s new

  • ✅ Map Local doesn’t hit the destination server anymore and it always returns with status code 200.

  • ✅ Repeat & Edit flows are now working regardless of the proxy setting => Able to repeat & edit when the HTTP System Proxy is off.

  • Improve the performance of Repeat & Edit flow

  • Force Percent-Encoding in the Compose URL


  • Fixed: Execution request when using breakpoint always injects “?” to query param

  • Fixed: Changing port don’t work

  • Fixed: Race condition crash on TreeNode and LookupMap and the FlowPresenter

  • Fixed: Crashed bugs from AppCenter

  • Fixed: Sometime the Compose screen still keeps the body from the previous flow.

Proxyman 1.9.2(1920)

Release date: 14 Nov 2019


SHA: a7cf630b188e263ba4067f0522385a460ac38f6dad2ce2a307a6c984b5a2acac


  • Fixed: 🔑 Proxyman Keychain is locked after a period of time.

Proxyman 1.9.1(1910)

Release date: 13 Nov 2019


SHA: 7376e9ff691f87477e7f96f7433e4f25e813696fcdb38dd34b934429fe9d9147


  • Fixed: After filtering the flow, the content layout (Right-panel) doesn’t update the content.

  • Fixed: Improve the position of the right panel when launching.


Proxyman 1.9.0(1900)

Release date: 12 Nov 2019


SHA: 369eb107d5e90b6b7351ff25dbbfef5540a9f3406b3487a90fa086f4459389b0

What’s new

  • ✅ Base64 Decode and KeyValue preview from the Body: Easier to decode the response body and catch the bug

  • 🔑 Improve how Proxyman manages the Keychain: Proxyman won’t modify the default Keychain when parsing P12 file. He will use his private keychain and manage appropriately.

  • 🤖App Size 12Mb (dmg): Reduce significantly app size by getting rid of the fat binary library (ADVTrustStore) and implement the native code. ADVTrustStore is responsible for installing the Proxyman Certificates into all iOS Simulators.


  • Fixed: Crash on macOS 10.13.6 when switching to Window Mode for the Request and Response panels

  • Fixed: Unable to drag to close the right panel

  • Fixed: Clear button on Bottom Bar and and Filter Search Text are off 1 pixel

  • Fixed: Right Panel doesn’t remember the Close State

  • Fixed: Primary Filter bar is hidden when the app is in Full-Screen mode -> Hover the mouse will appear again

  • Fixed: Enable SSL sometime doesn’t close the alive connection

  • Fixed: All Filter is invalid when choosing JSON

  • Fixed: Flow Selection is mess up when there is new flow

  • Fixed: Overlap layout in Request / Response Body tab

Proxyman 1.8.0(1800)

Release date: 04 Nov 2019


SHA: 9afa63e0c70959b615575d65efb2c3c49743eac066390d41b1e1aca67ed2a92f

What’s new

  • ✅ Advanced filter: Easier to filter exactly the requests from HTTP, HTTPS, WebSocket, JSON, XML, HTML, CSS

  • ⚡️ Improve text-based filter: URL, Headers, Query, Method, Status Code by contains, start with, end with, equal

  • 💎 Revamp the UI: We bring the main filter to the Main ToolBar and make the bottom bar is larger.

  • Windows mode for the Request and Response Panel: Support full-screen and get more space in your external monitor.

  • macOS Catalina is officially supported.


  • Fixed: Wrong color theme in Catalina

  • Fixed: Unable to filter on multiple-tabs

  • Fixed: Invalid percent-encoding in Compose screen



Nghia Tran • June 9, 2019

All release history of Proxyman or Github Release

Proxyman 1.7.2(1720)

Release date: 24 Oct 2019


SHA: b7c815ccfd3b55af86a2af453fe15b2c7da80ddf6f203677ca763770adeb3944


  • Fixed: Duplicated Header entry in Response from Local Map & Breakpoint

Proxyman 1.7.1(1710)

Release date: 20 Oct 2019


SHA: ac35af253c880fea52d75b555b8e71f4dd674e037a6386fc6477a2a418e3be31


  • Fixed: Invalid HTTPS Connection to HTTP Local server 💥

Proxyman 1.7.0(1700)

Release date: 18 Oct 2019


SHA: 956942fe460231ad0aee59c61b0690cb41b4a0d9f3a411030544c1e94fd15534

What’s news

  • ✅ WebSocket Debugger: Easier to capture the WebSocket messages

  • ⚡️ Support WebSocket and Socket.IO

  • JSON Previewer, JSON TreeView, and Filter for Sent / Receive / All types of WebSocket messages.

  • Improve Proxyman Certificate by supporting a new Security Extension

  • New Proxyman CA will include the current date and NetBIOS name: Easier to distinguish when you have many Certificates.

  • Automatically update to the latest Proxyman version


  • Fixed: Invalid percent-encoding in URL TextField of Compose View

  • Fixed: Too many float digits in the Request and Response size

  • Fixed: HTTP header key is changed to Uppercase unexpectedly

  • Fixed: Couldn’t set multiple headers (same key name) for Response in a Breakpoint mode

  • Fixed: Invalid cookie due to missing the space

  • Fixed: Incorrect serverIPAddress field in HAR file


Proxyman 1.6.2(1620)

Release date: 23 Sep 2019


SHA: 28dc32000df92b3e3197819cd7bf5878bcc01486da399f1233162f2dc1a40b5c

What’s news

  • Local map with $status_code: Easily change HTTP Response code from your color file with $status_code parameters 🤟


  • Fixed: Proxyman doesn’t expand Favorites Section when opening the file

  • Fixed: Crash when selecting the Group section

  • Fixed: Proxyman couldn’t revert the Proxy when closing all tabs (not quit app)

  • Fixed: Broken layout in light theme

  • Fixed: Couples crashes on AppCenter


Proxyman 1.6.1(1610)

Release date: 15 Sep 2019


SHA: 70eb7eecad0bbff22ae8dbe6b3b681c8dd7aee4c6287135b721170941b5ae872

What’s news

  • Introduce Blacklist feature ⛑ (⌥⌘X): Easier to block the unnecessary requests and keep the workspace clean with no distraction (wildcard support).

  • Support wildcard on SSL Proxying list 👑

  • Support multiple-selection on Source View (Left panel)

  • Improve the Dashboard UI: Bigger Flow Content (right panel), smaller Source List, and Left-to-Right Content layout by default.

  • Easier to export Certificate (PEM file) from Preference or Certificate Menu

  • Helper Tool 1.0.3: Able to revert back to the original Proxy Setting.

  • macOS Proxy badge in bottom toolbar whenever the macOS Proxy is overridden


  • Fixed the incorrect white background in Preview View

  • Fixed Proxyman doesn’t revert to the original Proxy Setting

  • Fixed Proxyman doesn’t revert Proxy when closing by CMD+W

Proxyman 1.6.0(1600)

Release date: 05 Sep 2019


SHA: 59c40046e90670b0e5e918debf3333b9a80fdea04cbb539f4eb0a5badd4bc24a

What’s news

  • Introduce Global Filter Content (⌘ + F): It’s easier to filter exactly the HTTP Request you’re looking for by URL or Content-Type like Google Chrome Tool does: All, JSON, XML, Documents, Image, ….

  • Start/Stop Proxyman doesn’t affect Proxying on mobile devices anymore.

  • Override System Proxy on demand: You can turn ON/OFF the System Proxy by Tool -> Proxy Setting -> Proxy System. If you’d debug only on remote device, just turn it off => All macOS requests are ignore, but capture all from your iPhone.

  • Add –proxy flag when copying in cURL.


  • Fixed: Incorrect url-encoded when proxying to the server

  • Fixed: SSL Wrong version when enabling SSL Proxying on HTTPS local server due to the absence of AltName in the Certificate.

  • Fixed: Invalid HTTPS package from Postman

  • Fixed: WS/WSS socket doesn’t work in some cases.

Proxyman 1.5.1(1510)

Release date: 27 Aug 2019


SHA: 5022f2f6c15e5c0b6868f8da8475ce790c33d85f53f4c822abf063e6b44c762d

What’s news

  • Fixed: Some crashed bug due to missing the host when the first line of HTTP Request message doesn’t match the format.

Proxyman 1.5.0(1500)

Release date: 25 Aug 2019


SHA: a10daf893a3ef03fd853a72d88958b8f583d69fe823ac626ca9886e4de828da7

What’s news

  • Introduce Breakpoint (⌥+⌘+B) feature, which enable us manipulate the HTTP Request / Response on the fly without any disruption 😍.

  • Breakpoint Rule: Easily define your rule (wildcard support) and set the breakpoint for Request or Response or both 🤟

  • Breakpoint View with built-in shortcut and menu context to easier cancel, abort or execute the breakpoint.

  • Support Export HAR file from a specific folder.

  • Adopt dark theme for all windows

Performance Tweak

  • If HTTP requests, which make from System Process (trustd, accountds) shouldn’t store binary in request/response since it’s waste

  • Add SkipBody in HTTPRequest/Response to determine if we need to keep the binary body

  • Improve “Clear all Cache” Tool -> Remove all flows in Flow Pool, Group, Folder and Node (recursively)

Squashed bugs

  • Fixed: WS / WSS socket couldn’t connect properly

  • Fixed: The Flow status is incorrect when the peer socket is closed

  • Fixed: Open HAR or Proxyman Log file gets empty folder in some cases

  • Fixed: Couldn’t present the Chinese characters #244

  • Fixed: TreeView issue when presenting multiline text

  • Fixed: App freezes when opening files when the number of Pin items exceeds the maximum

  • Fixed: 2 bugs on AppCenter

Proxyman 1.4.7(1470)

Release date: 03 Aug 2019 - Download

SHA: 410a7e2f5f93e74961182fadaceb7409f3d40098d7f3fb57da976c3c5d468289

  • Introduce Map Local Tool: Capable of mapping the content of local files as a Response for matching Requests on-the-fly. Significantly boost your speed development ⚡️ Blog:

  • Wildcard support for Map Local Tool.

  • Introduce the Clear Cache Tool by closing all alive connections in order to reduce the usage memory.

  • Redesign the UI for SSL Proxying Window.

  • Fixed: Missing data from multi-part request.

  • Fixed: Couldn’t verify the Certificate Trusted Status in macOS 10.12

  • Fixed: Crashed when accessing to the Flow Presenter’s instance when assigning with new instance in background. It was a king bug 🐞, and it was completely squashed 💥

Proxyman 1.4.6(1460)

Release date: 21 Jul 2019 - Download

SHA: 35d5e78709f22a3aae2188a26994898107f9e3c1bafb957ff2e1dcdd23f1229b

  • Introduce External Proxy for HTTP & HTTPS: It’s suitable anyone has Proxy Servers in your Company. Just Tool -> Proxy Setting -> External Setting

  • Proxy Helper Tool v1.0.1 for the bug on VPN connections.

  • Support non-default HTTPS port: Ex:

  • If you’re debugging localhost: We suggest that providing Alias in /etc/hosts will resolve it. More detail

  • Reduce the number of HTTPParser for a flow in ProxymanCore. Gain extra performance and reduce memory footprint 💯

  • Fixed: Couldn’t revert the Proxy in VPN connection with new Helper Tool v1.0.1

  • Fixed: Couldn’t connect to server for some old devices

  • Fixed: Right-menu on Flow Columns is disable

  • Fixed: Clear flows that don’t close alive connections.

  • Fixed: Couldn’t clear flows when the table is sorting

  • Fixed: Crash when parsing nil flow in AppCenter


Release date: 15 Jul 2019 - Download

SHA: 734c2e41ce885868a9695c434d8a9a6856a13d5ac5dfec83c0ceb94e910e4577

  • Improve performance when sorting Flow List

  • Fixed: crashed when the unowned self is deallocated. Happen when closing the app by pressing on the Red Circle 🔴

  • Fixed binary search crash and improve performance when adding new item when the Table is sorting

Proxyman 1.4.5(1450)

Release date: 14 Jul 2019


SHA: 362261bdbc98d43f24feb194c3dcacac484fbce1f0c5d2e0375e66691d444d50

  • Introduce the “Tree view” 🌲: Quickly see all paths of domains/clients. Focus on particular paths or domains and reduce distractions.

  • Introduce the Form Editor in Compose view: Easier to compose the form content.

  • In this version, we dedicatedly delete all old legacy code for the Left-Panel and implement the Tree View from better solutions. It’s essential for us to implement features in the future 🥰

  • Multiple selections on Flow List: Easily manipulate many flows at the same time

  • Hotkey for Delete and Delete All

  • Support Drag and Drop files (Proxyman Log or HAR file) from Desktop to Proxyman.

  • Automatically enable SSL Proxying when pining the item.

  • Adopt “Lookup-Map” for all items in Left Panel: Instantly navigate the on-going flow to properly folder, client, domain, nodes.

  • Debounce & Throttle for Source List and Flow List when the list is huge.

  • Render JSON Body and Raw view on demand: No more lag when opening big requests rapidly.

  • Fixed: Missing Set-Cookies in the header of request/response when it’s duplicated

  • Fixed: By removing a bunch of middle classes from legacy code and adopt Tree View. Few bugs from AppCenter are squashed.


Release date: 02 Jul 2019


SHA: 9b5b8df06e4ccebab703299e958706745969884f6f25ee975265cf5d5da1c45a

  • ✅ Upgrade Proxyman Certificates to fulfill Apple’s security requirements on macOS 10.15 and iOS 13. Other OSs works well as usual ⚡️ Ref:

Proxyman 1.4.4(1440)

Release date: 02 Jul 2019


SHA: 3ba909d30766c80b85e33005b31e1fa266996f815b742e1012f68ec44140eb38

  • Introduce “No-Caching” tool 💎: Proxyman always fetches new contents from your server. No more 304 Not Modified anymore.

  • Support HAR (HTTP Web Archive) ✅: Super convenience to reuse your works from Charles Proxy and Paw quickly. You can export at Right-click on Flows/domains/app -> Export -> as HAR file. Or import by opening HAR file with Proxyman.

  • Able to open HAR file with missing data from Paw, Google Chrome, Charles Proxy, …

  • Introduce HTTPS Response List: Easily manage your list of domains/clients, which enable SSL Proxying

  • Add Host and Path columns in Flow List: Enable/Disable by right-clicking on Column

  • Add the “Uninstall” button for Proxy Helper tool in the Advanced tab.

  • Improve Menu Bar: Consistent with the Context Menu.

  • Fixed: Form URL-encoded parser is wrong if the content has “&” characters

  • Fixed: Improper URL-encoding in URL columns.

  • Fixed: Typo in Network Proxy Setting windows

  • Fixed: AppCenter Analytics doesn’t take effect immediately after enable/disable from Preference.

Proxyman 1.4.3(1430)

Release date: 24 Jun 2019


SHA: 46d1d6af5c7a09a2e9abd561b603c022e33d842205d041ab7e78589a0c770ae2

  • We dedicatedly revamp how Proxyman overrides the Network Proxy Setting by leveraging the power of the Privileged Tool in macOS. The performance is far better than networksetup CLI we used ⚡️.

  • Proxyman is now working seamlessly in non-admin users.

  • macOS 10.11 is officially supported.

  • Introduce the Vertical Content layout for Request and Response panel. It’s easier to debug with the huge body contents.

  • Android debugging is supported.

  • Fixed: Dark theme UI in Setapp Changelog windows

  • Fixed: Broken UI in macOS 10.11

Proxyman 1.4.2(1420)

Release date: 17 Jun 2019


SHA: 9082544cb1694ecb250cf4bec7414d8364dc3ffca102b49477ee31eae46ef1b9

  • Introduce Form Previewer for form-urlencoded request/response.

  • Support “Expect: 100-continue request”:

  • Refactor the JSON Prettier, which is more reliable and high-performance from

  • Upgrade Swift CLI and Task Privileged for new macOS.

  • Value from Header, Cookies, Form, query after copying, now have different connection characters. Ex: Header is “:” (Content-Type: application/json). Form, Cookies, query is “=” (data=upgrade&tag=Proxyman)

  • Fixed: Missing request body in HTTP request

  • Fixed: Invalid Float number in JSON response

  • Fixed: Order of Header keys in request/response are inconsistent

  • Fixed: Broken dark-mode UI in macOS 10.13 if we enable “Use dark menu bar” in System Preference -> General

  • Fixed: Some repeated requests went to wrong folders


Release date: 09 Jun 2019


SHA: 9989ec3c707fe6d94856b6a86a9c0e1293f91cabe3b9b77ab5f0835dbfc8ded6

  • Re-implement how to override the Proxy System on non-admin User and macOS 10.12

  • More bugs squashed on AppCenters. Thank Setapp’s users for finding those bugs

  • Fixed: Crash on macOS 10.12 due to NSVisualEffectView doesn’t work well when embedding into NSSplitView

  • Fixed: Disorder flows when sorting

Proxyman 1.4.1(1410)

Release date: 01 Jun 2019


SHA: bac819a0a513518e724c6a721d91a874a777dd5411617a4c43be9a35bb5c71d0

  • Performance tweak when stopping the Proxyman Core and Revert the Wifi Proxy from System Reference

  • Monokai as a default theme

  • Fixed: Missing long query parameters in GET requests

  • Fixed: Wrong state of Body Option Button

Proxyman 1.4(1400)

Release date: 28 May 2019


SHA: 7c0036591e4a6c7cb5b5a6f143adb4d24f18fe0f3ca2b8c748e63861b0bb93d1

  • Proxyman is more stable and reliable than ever with low-level HTTP-Parser library from NodeJS organization ( => Lightweight and high performance than the original implementation

  • Theme is officially supported in OS 10.14. => Monokai is the first dark theme to help you concentrate your work efficiently. Check out the brand-new theme at Preference -> Themes

  • Export Body of Request/Response to file => You can export any data from your flows easily. Suitable for custom types, such as Thrift or Protobuf

  • Detect mime of raw body data and suggest next actions (Tree View, Previewer, GIF, Export, …)

  • Update “Install Certificate for iOS device Guideline” for iOS 12.2

  • Fixed: Many crashes when manipulating items on Source List (Reported from AppCenter). Thank you guys for persistently testing Proxyman

  • Fixed: Order of flows in the Exported file is disorder

  • Fixed: Close all keep-alive connection when deleting or clearing flows

  • Fixed: Duplicated flows in the Exported file if it’s from remote devices

  • Fixed: Potential crashes from force_cast in our codebases

Proxyman 1.3.9(1390)

Release date: 19 May 2019


SHA: 5f006fa4f43e06e78436763f40c9d364e7638ef39c222ffbe5ec3d166dc2dc11

  • Fully support Content-Encoding (gzip, deflate, br, …) in requests/responses => Proxyman is now faster ⚡️ by reducing the time between Proxyman and the servers

  • Customizable Flow Columns (Right-click on columns)

  • Support new type cols: Compressed Request and Response

  • Easily preview your JSON request with JSON Tree View

  • Update as a new SSL address for installing Proxyman CA into your iOS device

  • Bunch of UI improvements: Small text size, better color for dark/light theme, perfect padding,… Proxyman is perfect than ever

  • Able to delete Query/Header in Compose screen.

  • Improve hotkey in Repeat & Edit

  • Able to delete individual flow by hitting the Delete button

  • Fixed: Duplicated action when opening multiple tabs

  • Fixed: CodeMirror doesn’t update the theme when OS’s theme changes

  • Fixed: Unable to Open New Tab from items during searching

Proxyman 1.3.8(1380)

Release date: 11 May 2019


SHA: 856a8f0a2ac48ee0bcb3eb46bd9ec646abebba3370b81a4adc6ee4f47b813db9

  • By taking advantage of the native SystemConfiguration framework, Proxyman is capable of overriding the Proxy of network devices faster 50% than before, which boost the launch time significantly

  • New layout for About and License screen for Free, Premium and Setapp version. We decided to drop all unnecessary alerts, make it cleaner and more natural.

  • Upgrade all domains to

  • Upgrade our codebase to Swift 5

  • Fix the bug from Compose Screen: the URL and Query table don’t correspond correctly

  • Fix bug when Proxyman couldn’t override the Proxy by Internet Sharing from iPhone/iPad

  • Fix the size of Enable SSL button in Right Panel

  • Fix Incorrect selection when opening in new Tab

Proxyman 1.3.7(1370)

Release date: 01 May 2019


SHA: c2b158b2289e04a5df503981ad57a5fe7d8505884b1365471cc1c851502a3f36

  • Introduce the first stable Proxyman ever 🚀. We dedicatedly refactor some essential components and re-write how ProxymanCore intercept the HTTPS request

  • Improve logic to detect when the packets is ended for alive-connection.

  • Re-design the About screen

  • Introduce License management.

  • General improvements.

Proxyman 1.3.6(1360)

Release date: 21 Apr 2019


SHA: 457d61c5c49dddb5106ab4729f5666841ffcda2b1a33cb7108c70f189dc9a391

  • We dedicatedly re-implement Proxyman by following the Apple Document-Based App. From now, you can boost your productivity by working on multi-tab. All actions have hot-key as well

  • Navigate tabs easily like what you did in Google Chrome and Safari. You can move forward/backward by Cmd+Shift+[or] or select particular tab by Cmd+number

  • Add “Open new tab” menu in Source List

  • Re-design the Proxyman icon

  • Support Open Recent in File Menu -> Open quickly your last log file

  • Add “Close after sending” in Compose menu

  • Fix open new tab with empty flow in previous version

  • Fix duplicated actions when opening multi-tab

Proxyman 1.3.5(1350)

Release date: 17 Apr 2019


SHA: 8f79539b99839fe0a7533272ab673df3d91ca266f24ece6f213b0daeaa5e8631

  • Proxyman is now capable of exporting all flows from a particular app or domain. From now you can share your workflow to teammate easily

  • You can manipulate any JSON/HTML/JS… response directly from your favorited Editor, such as Sublime or Code. Feel like your home

  • Enhance the behavior of File Flow in Source List. Working on files are more reliable.

  • Basic improvement and fixed bugs


Release date: 12 Apr 2019


SHA: 628dd94eff4521b180662bdb538a2fb2f6d44b633f5763840ae33670478c2345

  • Proxyman is now notarized appropriately from Apple Distribution Guideline.

  • Better color scheme for Raw Panel and JSON Response.

  • Support “Enable this domain” or “Enable all requests from this client” from Right Panel in order to enable SSL Proxying.

  • Support new SubMenu for “Copy As” when right-click on the request. From now, you can easily copy header, cookies, and body of request or response

  • Improve general layout and behavior for Source List and Flow Content.

  • Better UX for “Install CA for mac” -> If your certificate isn’t trusted, there is a hint to show you what’s next and how to fix it.

  • Fixed: Missing –cookie in cURL

  • Fixed: Sometime Proxyman doesn’t override the Proxy from Network System properly

  • Fixed: Can’t render JSON:API (application/vnd.api+json) response

  • Fixed: Can’t focus on Search Bar (Cmd+Shift+F) on macOS 10.13

  • Fixed: Fix incorrect state of Workspace button


Release date: 8 Apr 2019


SHA: 5f576d0bc762b2af2454098d3ffec740340fed7b1b6f179ad7957b23b3eefcc2

  • Fix the annoying bug when the scripts to override the Proxy doesn’t work in some computers

Proxyman Shazam

Release date: 7 Apr 2019

  • Proxyman proudly introduces Request/Response-size columns in the flow list

  • Fix couple serious bug from AppCenter. Thank you guys for crashing the app. It’s valuable hints for Proxyman to be mature

  • We refactor how Hotkey works by removing the Global hot key. From now, there is no more hotkey conflicts

  • iPhone Setup Guide window is now scrollable. It works well with small windows now

  • Fix Proxyman couldn’t override the System Proxy if it’s from Ethernet

  • Left and Right Panel is now fully flexible. You can resize it whatever you want.

  • Improve the logic of App Update. From now, you can get correctly update from the app without any distraction

Proxyman 1.3.4(1340) - Proxyman with iOS Simulator and iOS Device debugger!!!

Release date: 1 Apr 2019

  • Proxyman is now capable of debugging the requests, who come from iOS Simulator and iOS device. Both are essential tool to help you - iOS dev, mobile QA to catch a bug quickly.

  • We re-design the guideline for installing the Proxyman Certificate in macOS, iOS Simulator and iOS device => It’s more intuitive and easier to setup for new guys.

  • Add Fun fact in Empty State view.

  • Add “Pin to favorites” menu context in Flow list.

  • Improve the logic for Repeated and Edit the remote flow.

  • [BUG] Can’t delete Proxyman CA if it was installed manually.

Proxyman 1.3.3(1330)

Release date: 23 Mar 2019

  • Support Preference menu.

  • Drag and Drop in Source List.

  • Bring Search Bar to Top of Source List.

  • Opt-in opt-out “Share anonymous analytics data” in Privacy Tab in Preference

  • Fixed: Keep the Collapse state of Source List after searching.

  • Fixed: Implement Logic for General and Privacy tab.

  • Fixed: Bring Search Bar to Top of Source List.

  • Fixed: Remove MixCatalog, which consist of ClientCatalog and FlowCatalog .

  • Fixed: Support Default Value for Codable protocol.

  • Fixed: Keep the format selected for the next URLs.

  • Fixed: Content Panel overlap information on Flow List.

  • Fixed: The Request/Response ToolBar doesn’t change color after switching system theme.

  • Fixed: Pretty URL is reset the AttributedText during selecting.

  • Fixed: Do not see URLs after pinning a domain.

  • Fixed: Release date: 23 Mar 2019

Proxyman 1.3.2(1320) - Big improvement for Proxyman UI/UX:

Release date: Mar 13, 2019

  • Proxyman is more intuitive than ever. We dedicatedly re-think and re-design the Source List. From now, you can organize your workflow as you’ve done to Finder.

  • We eliminate all technical terms and carefully select meaningful words to help you catch up your daily work quickly.

  • New structure of Proxyman Source List

  • Redesign the layout of Source List

  • Improve the layout of Flow List

  • Move Add app button to Main App Bar

  • Hide Workspace screen

  • Unlock 🔓 / 🔒 icon for the clients/domains, which enable SSL

  • Redesign the Flow count badge

  • Resize the layout of SourceList, FlowList and FlowDetail

  • Implement new Menu Context for Source List feature

  • Re-design the State of Proxyman Core

  • Fixed: Clear all flow in Flow List

  • Fixed: Cmd + F is overridden in another app

  • Fixed: Double check the searching

  • Fixed: DomainClientSelection’s layout is buggy

  • Fixed: The keep-alive CONNECT https request doesn’t close when it’s the complete

  • Fixed: All domains are not enabled SSL automatically if we enable for the entire client

  • Fixed: The Response Reviewer has jumped accidentally if the selected flow is reloading

  • Fixed: Unable to disable “HTTPS Response” in particular domain from Enable Client

  • Fixed: All domains are not enabled SSL automatically if we enable for entire client

Proxyman 1.3.1(1310)

Release date: 26 Feb 2019

  • It’s the most productive working week ever

  • Safeguard for an invalid/deleted certificate => Enhance your experience on our app without any distractions.

  • Support reset all Certificate and data => In the emergency situation, you can reset all data by accessing to Debug -> Reset -> All Data & Certificate in the menu bar.

  • 📦 It’s also the most stable version 🚀. We dedicatedly fixed many following issues!

  • Fixed: Relayed flow doesn’t appear into tracked client/domain.

  • Fixed: Proxyman can’t detect curl client from a terminal.

  • Fixed: The order of Flows is incorrect.

  • Fixed: Proxyman doesn’t select the first App/Domain for the first time.

  • Fixed: Proxyman doesn’t enable SSL automatically after installing Root Certificate.

  • Fixed: Proxyman is unable to intercept HTTPS after re-installing new Proxyman Certificate.

  • Fixed: Can’t detect code 999 (Invalid SSL).

  • Fixed: The ID Counter doesn’t reset after opening different projects

  • Fixed: Broken Layout in Guideline for iPhone/Android/Simulator

  • Fixed: Remove unnecessary files after generating Root Certificate.

Proxyman 1.3(1300)

Release date: Feb 17, 2019

  • Proudly introduce the 📦 Workspace feature => Personalize your work seamlessly

  • Dashboard is now supported => Easier to categorize your project configurations

  • Start your work easily and quickly with Playground mode.

  • Fix bugs & General Improvements.

Proxyman 1.2(1200)

Release date: Nov 25, 2018

  • Revamp 💁‍♂️ entirely Proxyman’s UI/UX.

  • Proxyman is now lean and intuitive UI.

  • Introduce Tracking List: we are able track specific apps or domains.

  • Two way to install Proxyman Certificate to Keychain: Automatic or Manual.

  • Install Proxyman Certificate when it needed.

  • Fix bugs & General Improvements.

Proxyman 1.1.2(1120)

Release date: Nov 10, 2018

  • Fixed: Can’t copy Headers/Cookies on Request or Response in Flow Detail Panel

Proxyman 1.1.1(1110)

Release date: Nov 9, 2018

  • Able to enable/disable SSL Proxying on specific Domain or Client

  • Menu context on Source List

  • Fix warnings on project

  • General improvement

Proxyman 1.1(1100)

Release date: Nov 5, 2018

  • Switch port automatically if it’s occupied

  • Support iOS Simulator catalog

  • Able to intercept request from iOS Simulator

  • Remote catalog for remote device

  • SSL Proxying for Remote Device (Android/iOS)

  • General improvement

Proxyman 1.0.2(1020)

Release date: Oct 27, 2018

  • Introduce high performance ProxymanCore. Proxyman is now faster 100x than previous version.

  • Proxyman is capable of identifying the Client faster 35x

  • Enable SSL by demand for specific domain

Older build

Github Release