I couldn't see any traffics on Proxyman

1. Problems

  • After lauching the app, the request list is empty

  • There are no requests captured by Proxyman?

  • I don't see any requests on the app

2. Solution

2.1 Turn OFF all VPN apps on your Mac machine

Some VPN apps accidentally revert the HTTP Proxy in Network as soon as Proxyman overrides it. As a result, HTTP Traffic won't go through Proxyman port at 9090.

Close all VPN app if possible and relaunch Proxyman

2.2. Double-check HTTP Proxy in Network

Proxyman would override or revert the HTTP Proxy at the launch time or quit time, but some apps could revert back.

Let open System Preference -> Network -> Wifi -> Proxies tab:

  • Check the Web Proxy (HTTP) and Secure Web Prox (HTTPS)

  • Make sure the port is same with Proxyman port

  • IP is

Save and check the requests on Proxyman